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You may have seen our customer video featuring Kelly Shahan, transportation manager at Red Clay Consolidated School District in Wilmington, Delaware. In the video, Kelly spoke about how TripSpark’s VEO Now GPS system for student transportation has improved efficiency and customer service at the district.

One of the points that Kelly made in the video was that she wishes they had moved forward with all the tools for K-12 education that we offer right from the beginning. But she expressed that she was looking forward to implementing more tools.

Recently, Kelly came to me with an update – Red Clay has entered the next stage of their technology implementation with the roll out of our “Where’sTheBus” parent app.

What is “Where’sTheBus”? It is an interface that enables parents to track their bus’s location in-real time using GPS data, just like dispatchers and administrators can through VEO Now. Parents can easily access “Where’sTheBus” through an app for Android or Apple devices, or through a web browser.

It’s not just Kelly that is impressed by our GPS system and parent app. The state of Delaware also appreciates the power of these tools. In a recent news story, Gregg Tulowitzky, transportation director for Delaware’s Department of Education joined Kelly to discuss the impact of Red Clay’s new technologies.


The GPS system and app are “for me, a dream come true” 

Gregg Tulowitzky, Transportation Director

Delaware Department of Education


Why did Mr. Tulowitzky call their new GPS system and parent app a “dream come true”? Because the technologies give key stakeholders visibility into the age old question of “where’s the bus”. This information enables districts to improve customer service, run more efficient routes and eliminate unnecessary radio traffic and calls to administrators. 

As Kelly addressed in our customer video, Red Clay has been able to recognize significant improvements to their routing by using VEO Now GPS data. When speaking with the media, Kelly gave the example of a change they made for the route to Cab Calloway School of the Arts.


 “For Cab Calloway [school], we found out there was a huge bottleneck,” she said. “We realized there’s this road where they’re caught at the light for like 10 minutes, so we’ve routed around that.” 

Kelly Shahan, Transportation Manager

Red Clay Consolidated School District


Sometimes, delays or route changes that impact a bus’s arrival time are unavoidable.  Before implementing the technologies, Red Clay used to get a lot of phone calls from parents, and sometimes directly from students, inquiring on the whereabouts of their bus.  


“Nothing breaks your heart more than to get a call from a student at 6 in the morning who’s at the bus stop and it’s raining and all they want to know is ‘Where’s my bus?” Or a parent that’s trying to get to work on time and all they want to know when they call is ‘Where’s my [child’s] bus?’” 

Kelly Shahan, Transportation Manager

Red Clay Consolidated School District


When families are able to track their child’s bus themselves using the parent app, they no longer need to call the district or their child’s school to ask when their bus will be arriving. This frees administrative staff to deal with the rest of their duties.

Even before adding the parent app, Red Clay’s transportation office noticed a reduction in “where’s the bus” phone calls just from implementing the GPS tool.  VEO Now can be accessed by dispatchers, district administrators and school administrators. This means fewer “back and forth” calls between the transportation department, drivers and other administrators regarding the location of buses.

TripSpark’s VEO Now and “Where’sTheBus” are a “dream come true” for parents and students, administrators and state officials alike. What could make the dream even better? Our student tracking technology! Red Clay hopes to roll out our student tracking feature that will enable parents to know when their child has boarded the bus and when and where they get off the bus. Austin Independent School District has already implemented this technology – I encourage you to  check out their story here.


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