LeFleur Transportation
Automation Encourages Business Growth | LeFleur Transportation

The Problem / Challenge

  • Time wasted on outdated methods

The Solution

  • Non-emergency medical transportation software

The Result

  • LeFleur now manages a fleet of over 300 vehicles that perform over 600,000 trips each year

Automation Encourages Business Growth | LeFleur Transportation

About LeFleur Transportation

LeFleur Transportation (LT) began operations in Jackson, Mississippi in 1993, as a limousine service. At the time, their main service offering was to accommodate airport transfers and passenger van services. As their operation grew, they began to focus on a specialization in non-emergency passenger transportation, and their need for accurate scheduling and dispatching began to increase. By 1997, they grew their fleet with the purchase of 40 vans and began providing transportation to Medicaid beneficiaries. They eventually built a client list comprised of:

  • Federal, State & Local Government Programs
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Transit Agencies

Now, as then, they make a promise to provide transportation service to their clients and participants in the most practical, most safe and most cost-efficient manner possible. They soon discovered that traditional methods for keeping records and booking trips were not going to enable them to continue to grow their business.

The Problem / Challenge

Amazingly enough, LeFleur Transportation had managed to build a substantial operation while still maintaining a paper-based solution for scheduling and dispatching. However, a great deal of time was wasted on this outdated method. If they wanted to compete at a higher level, delivering top-quality service at manageable cost points, they would need a non-emergency medical transportation software package that could encourage and enable their operation in the present, while being a scalable solution to handle future growth.

As workloads grew, so did the onus and dependency placed upon dispatchers and schedulers. The time had come to transition into the modern era with the implementation of TripSpark’s non-emergency medical transportation software solution.

How Non-emergency Medical Transportation Software Helped?

Because LeFleur already maintained a successful and working business model, it was fairly simple to transition them to an automated and digital system. In other words, they already had the right vision for their service demands. Now they also had the right tools to achieve their vision. Since implementing the web-based solution, schedulers spend less time on data search and data entry and more time on other areas of the operation: like customer care. Better reporting methods have enabled them to analyze the efficiency / effectiveness of their operations. This is in part due to the better, real time, data capturing methods that are part of the TripSpark software.

With more information at their disposal, LeFleur could make adjustments to schedules quickly, leaving more time to focus on growing their operation, rather than managing the chaos. Customized in take forms make it easy for dispatchers to create new trips or manage subscribers.

“Training new staff is much easier now that there is a uniform system for creating routes.”

Call takers and dispatchers now have more information at their disposal as well as better access to it through the web-enabled database. This enables them to provide more consistent and dependable service for those clients with participants with detailed patient information, including any with special needs. Again, there are significant time savings associated with digital data collection.

“We saw a decrease in the amount of time dispatchers needed to produce schedules and routes.”

The Results

LeFleur continues to grow. And TripSpark non-emergency medical transportation software solutions are entirely scalable in order to grow with them. Over the past decade, LeFleur has grown steadily and now manages a fleet of over 300 vehicles that perform over 600,000 trips each year. With a track record of quality, on-time delivery of service, we have no doubt that they will continue to expand.

“…decrease in the amount of time … needed to … process billing information.”

TripSpark’s non-emergency medical transportation software solutions helped LeFleur Transportation maintain and improve areas of customer service now and with an eye towards future growth.

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