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A single-source solution with a trusted vendor ensures your products will function now and long into the future.

Manage all resources to do more with less: optimal routes and bus capacity.

Browser-based solution to provide secure access away from the office.

Fast implementation timelines and quick employee learning curve.

Single vendor supplier to ensure quality service and long-term maintenance.

Smooth Integration Allows for Successful GPS Implementation | West Fargo Public Schools

"It was exciting and reassuring to see an integrated GPS system that leveraged our existing TripSpark software."

Bradley Redmond
Transportation Director, West Fargo Public Schools

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Why Austin ISD Chose A Parent App To Improve Their Operation | Austin ISD

Austin ISD Success With K-12 Software and the Parent App

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Success With GPS Student Tracking Services | Volusia

Volusia Success With GPS Student Tracking Services

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Campus Software Doubles Rides per Vehicle | Yale University

Yale University can accept flag stops without causing schedule breakdowns.

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From The Blog

DriverMate App Improves Paratransit Workflow and Routing

Our latest customer story took me to Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit Debbie Ruggles, Interim General Manager at Tulsa Transit. It was great to speak with Debbie and learn about her long history with Tulsa Transit as well as how DriverMate has been improving processes for their...

4 Simple Steps to Spice Up Your Branding

When riders think of your agency, what words come to mind? Agencies hope they evoke words like convenient, quick and comfortable. That’s branding in a nutshell; it’s the collection of ideas that are associated with your name. 

To build your ridership, you’ll want riders...

3 Reasons Why Ohio Transit Agencies Choose TripSpark

Ohio is home to over 11 million people. Many of these people rely on transit or paratransit services to get around, and demographic factors suggest that number is going to rise. With increasing demand and limited administrative resources, Ohio agencies need an effective, easy to...

Student Transportation Software Boosts Efficiency at Red Clay

We recently produced our first ever K-12 education customer video, featuring Kelly Shahan, Transportation Manager at Red Clay Consolidated School District. See Kelly explain how TripSpark’s VEO Now student transportation software has enabled Red Clay to improve operational...

Why Work at TripSpark

TripSpark Is A Great Place to Work!

So why work at TripSpark? TripSpark is a great place to work for many reasons! TripSpark knows that a positive workplace culture fosters innovation and progress. But don’t just take my word for it. Hear what our employees have to say about...

K-12 Transportation Software: The Missing Piece

There is no bigger concern for parents than the safety of their children. Approximately 30% of parents as polled in August of 2015 have serious concerns about their children’s safety at school. However, school bus transportation has consistently proven to be a safe....

5 Reasons to Visit Us at the NAPT

The 41st annual NAPT Summit is quickly approaching (Nov 6-10). This year’s motto is Engage, Explore and Empower. We’ve taken this to heart and have 5 great reasons why you should come by the TripSpark Education booth. You can skip to #5 if you want to get to the giveaways...

K-12 Transportation Software Celebrates Bus Safety Week

Every member of your school transportation team is focused on making student safety their main priority. From October 19-23, National School Bus Safety Week reminds us of this fact, so we should all take a moment to appreciate how well our industry has already been doing. This...

Custody Agreements and Calendar-based K-12 Transportation Software

Depending on the state in which your school district is located, the task of getting kids to and from their homes may have gotten a little more complicated. As of August, 2015 this Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling makes it a legal obligation for districts to provide student...

Improve Driver Retention Rates with K-12 Transportation Software

One of the most prevalent problems in the school transportation industry has been bus driver retention. Driver shortage has been a serious issue among many North American school districts, especially this past year. In the 2014 School Bus Fleet’s Top 100 School District Fleets...

K-12 Transportation Software Makes Short Work of Field Trips

The thing we all remember about field trips when we were kids was the paperwork: permission slips. As children, we weren’t aware of the major headache and massive amount of paperwork that schools encountered due to organizing and managing field trips. Modern-day school...

How K-12 Transportation Software Benefits Everyone

In every transportation operation, there are many moving parts. One of the things that we consistently address is the benefits of automation, maintaining a digital database and integrating systems into a single-source solution. However, among these many moving parts are people...

K-12 Transportation Software Makes Integration Possible

Is it coincidence that virtually every sales opportunity I am engaged in, within school transportation departments, has someone from IT engaged – and from the very beginning? Clearly it’s no coincidence. Why? The trend in transportation is to use data from one solution and...

K-12 Transportation Software: A New Division of TripSpark

TripSpark is excited to announce the new direction for Trapeze Group K-12 transportation software division. As such, TripSpark will now take over operation of the school division from its sister company, Trapeze Group. We’re also excited because of the benefits we can offer our...

How K-12 Transportation Software Makes Your Buses Safer

School buses are actually already statistically far safer than riding in a family vehicle, at least the NHTSA claims this to be so. This PDF shows that only a mere 1% of devastating injuries are caused to students traveling by school bus. In fact, in a 10-year study from...

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