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A single-source solution to connect all stakeholders to mission-critical information. All products are designed to grow with your operation, and enable that growth.

Robust reporting capabilities for audits and performance reviews.

Improved productivity and communication between brokers and providers.

Offer on-time guarantees, superior care, health services and transportation.

HIPAA compliant access to information, transportation and caregiver schedules.

NEMT Software Success Story | Metro West Ambulance

"Having real-time updates, it means a lot to everyone. Because it’s less phone calls that we have to do, and that’s more time that we are having to focus on the clients." 

Kevin Manley
Brokerage Administrator, Bay Cities Brokerage

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Investing in Transportation Technology | Hope Network

"TripSpark has been an incredibly valuable investment."

Mike Hall
Hope Network

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How Automation Improves Patient Care | Canadian Cancer Society

"We now have drivers able to pick up multiple patients. That cost reduction helps us give more rides to more people."

Gerry Holmes
Director of IT for the Canadian Cancer Society

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Managed Care scheduling software enhances growth | Lifecare

LifeCare demonstrates how software enables operational growth.

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From The Blog

Offering Transportation Pays Off for Health Care Providers

It’s an exciting time for anyone involved in providing health care or non-emergency medical transportation. For those that are unaware, the U.S. department of Health and Human Services (HHS), recently passed safe harbor legislation that protects health care providers if they...

Brokerage Improves Scheduling and Claims Processes Using NEMT Software

Down the Oregon Coast We Go!

Back in June, Our NEMT solutions consultant, Gail Bauhs, and I took a road trip down the Oregon coast to film a customer video with Kevin Manley, Brokerage Administrator at Bay Cities Ambulance (A part of the Metro West family of companies). Bay...

Safe Harbor Transportation and NEMT

Legislation creates new Possibilities for Medical Transportation Providers

Many Medicaid recipients and others who need help with medical transportation often struggle to obtain this vital service.  

In an effort to improve access to care, The U.S. Department of Health and...

How to Communicate Effectively with Medicaid Beneficiaries

Notifications can greatly reduce the rate of no-shows, cancellations or wait-times. For operators to receive the maximum benefit from notifications, their clients need to embrace its use. This means ensuring that messages capture and keep their attention (and don’t annoy them)....

NEMT Software Webinar: 3 Ways to Defeat Will Calls

Not knowing is half the battle. When you don’t have a dependable pick up time, you can’t be sure when to dispatch your vehicle.  You also can’t ensure that you will have resources available when and where they’re needed.  The traditional use of a will call system leaves...

Is Your NEMT Software Client Friendly?

When Google designed their front page, users were actually confused its simplicity. Rather than pushing advertisements, they continue to foreground the main focus of a search engine. After all, what are people really doing on their site, if not searching for something? Google...

NEMT Industry Webinar Looks at Reducing Impact of Will Calls

Will calls are unpredictable. As any NEMT operation will tell you, coordinating return rides is the key to more efficient service. Mobility management directors are looking to address this issue head on. The fact is, an unstable schedule increases the risk that trips will be late...

NEMT Software Industry Insight Into Managing Will Calls

It’s nearly impossible to keep your operation functioning at peak efficiency when you don’t have all the scheduling information you need. Every NEMT operation is facing the issue of coordinating return rides and Will Calls and trying to manage and reduce the impact on clients...

The (Fast) Evolution of NEMT Software

If the last time you checked out NEMT software was ten years ago, you don’t know the whole story. The entire tech world, from TVs to toasters has undergone a complete makeover as this PC Mag post shows. When it comes to NEMT software, new advancements in GPS and mobile...

Can Managed Care Software Improve Your Life?

The National Council on Independent Living advocates for those that are at risk of becoming institutionalized or otherwise cut off from their communities due to mobility issues. They also conduct research into current conditions. In their recent publication (you can read it in...

Managed Care Software App: Improving Service & Reducing Risk

As a manager in the transportation industry, you are responsible for providing quality service in a timely fashion, but at the same time ensuring that your drivers aren’t engaged in unsafe behavior. Because a transportation operation can be held liable in the event of an...

NEMT Software and the Concern for HIPAA Compliance

The rules and regulations concerning HIPAA compliant policies and procedures is lengthy and written in a highly elevated legal language. It looks into such great detail that it becomes difficult to distill the important facts pertinent to a particular industry. The possible...

How to Offer the Best Senior Care Using Software Automation

How predictable is your service? Is it as predictable as the future need for your service? How well you operate a PACE site or Senior Care Center depends upon your ability to schedule and coordinate multiple members of a healthcare team. Your drivers and caregivers work together...

EMR Breaches Provide Life Lesson for NEMT Providers

Let’s face it, technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, statistics shows that 83.8% of US households have ubiquitous access to up-to-the second information on smartphones, tablets, home computers etc. But at the same time, an enormous amount of personal information...

Is Managing Multiple Schedules Getting out of Hand?

It’s every scheduler’s worst nightmare and one of the major signs that your operation needs a technological update. Because of an error somewhere in the chain of information, a member doesn’t receive the service they’re expecting. What’s worse is that when schedule...

Are You Getting the Most From Your Computer? 5 Signs You Need NEMT Software

Watching The Imitation Game, we are reminded how computer systems are perhaps the greatest achievement of the 20th century. However, systems have greatly changed in the past 60 years from simple data storage devices to full functioning automated systems. What once took up an...

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