3 Tips to Stop Procrastinating With Your School Transportation Software Search

During the glum winter months, are you wrestling with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as seasonal depression? While SAD only affects about 10% of the general population, we have found another underreported seasonal disease that may affect a greater portion of transportation personnel: Scheduling Afflicted Desperation (SAD).

The predominant symptoms of SAD include feeling drained or overwhelmed with your current routing and scheduling situation, and a lack of motivation to look for a better solution. We call this the “software search slump”. Here are three tips to help you overcome your procrastination.

Tip #1 - Bridge the gap between today’s self and tomorrow’s self by thinking in days

The start of the 2019-2020 school year is a little over 230 days away. You may feel overwhelmed, but start by visualizing how Future You could have less to worry about with a powerful integrated system like TripSpark’s K-12 transportation software.

Can you image yourself pre-planning the next school term while tweaking the current term? How productive! What about not having heart palpitations when handling multiple pick up/drop off locations because of TripSpark’s calendar-based functionality? How Zen!

Tip #2 – Break Your Task Down into Smaller Steps

Let’s break your big search down into smaller tasks. What does your organization need to succeed? You probably want an integrated suite that includes features like:

  • Calendar-based scheduling – manage complex routing requirements with daily “programs”.
  • Student tracking – monitor when and where each student gets on or off the bus.
  • Vehicle tracking – cloud-based, GPS/AVL platform that provides real-time vehicle location.
  • Fleet management – including daily dispatch with manual export to payroll, asset management, employee information module, schedules and timekeeping.
  • Field-trip management – automated requests, approvals, permission slips, billing and reports.

Make sure to partner with a vendor that provides good customer service. TripSpark stands out in this area!

Tip #3 – Just Get Started

End your search today. Simply click here for more information on TripSpark’s integrated K-12 transportation technology.

Good job, you!

Let’s Get Connected.