Lyft Intregration for NEMT & Paratransit is Here!

Lyft Intregration for NEMT & Paratransit is Here!

Lyft is a Transportation Network Company (TNC) known for offering flexible, low-cost on-demand transportation to the public. The company recently branched out into the medical market, and is now providing NEMT and paratransit services to a growing number of communities across America. Why should brokers and agencies get excited about the arrival of Lyft for medical transportation? There are plenty of reasons why!

Assigning trips to Lyft can help you:   

  1. Ensure the lowest cost, most appropriate transportation

By adding Lyft to your list of providers, you can ensure you’re not missing out on the lowest cost, most appropriate option for each trip. Lyft is known for being an affordable choice, and in many cases may be the lowest cost option. The service is appropriate for many ambulatory clients and wheelchair clients in markets where these modes are offered, however, Lyft may not be appropriate for clients with certain special needs. Using software to compare provider estimates can help you determine when Lyft is the best choice based on cost and customizable criteria.

  1. Enable will-calls and other difficult-to-fulfill trips

Lyft can enable trips that otherwise would not be possible. When relying on traditional providers, there are times when it may not be possible to accommodate same day trip requests or return trips. In contrast, Lyft’s independent drivers are frequently able to accommodate trips on short notice. Lyft is particularly helpful for fulfilling short notice trips in areas underserved by traditional providers. Choosing Lyft as a provider also means a smooth process when assigning trips that cross multiple jurisdictions.

  1. Schedule trips in advance or at a moment’s notice

When people think of Lyft, they usually think of on-demand transportation. Though the ability to fulfil short-notice trips is a big benefit, Lyft is also able to accommodate pre-scheduled trips. The ability to schedule trips up to 7 days in advance means you can assign trips to Lyft the same as you would any other provider.

  1. Provide safe, quality service

Lyft takes rider satisfaction and safety very seriously. Drivers are frequently rated by their riders and if they receive sub-par ratings, risk losing their ability to drive for Lyft. This promotes a high standard of service. To ensure that clients are able to easily identify their ride, Lyft drivers have a light-emitting device called a “Lyft Amp” on their dashboard. Lyft provides you with the color of the amp when the trip is booked. You can then provide this information to the client to ensure they approach the correct vehicle.

More Choice Means More Opportunity to Cut Costs & Improve Service

Lyft isn’t always the right choice for every ride, but oftentimes it is. If you’re ignoring Lyft as a potential service provider, you are ignoring an opportunity to lower your costs and improve your service offering. Click here to learn more about assigning NEMT and paratransit trips to Lyft using automated software.




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