5 Reasons to Visit Us at the NAPT

5 Reasons to Visit Us at the NAPT

The 41st annual NAPT Summit is quickly approaching (Nov 6-10). This year’s motto is Engage, Explore and Empower. We’ve taken this to heart and have 5 great reasons why you should come by the TripSpark Education booth. You can skip to #5 if you want to get to the giveaways faster but then you’ll be missing out on some valuable insight.

1. You can Engage With Industry Experts

The NAPT is featuring seminars in a variety of areas that can provide you more insight into managing your human resources, special needs transportation, budget planning, and more. As luck would have it, we will also be on hand to show how K-12 transportation software solutions make the work of managing every area of your operation with greater ease.

2. You can Explore The Future of Technology

Every year, new technologies influence the way student transportation operators plan schedules and monitor their buses, drivers and student riders. We can give you a sneak peek behind the curtain to show you what K-12 transportation software solutions are poised to revolutionize the industry. From GPS student tracking using RFID smartcards and readers, to incredibly customizable, optimized route and schedule planning.

3. You can Empower Your Operation With Industry Insight

We have years of experience and industry knowledge that can help you figure out the right technology for your needs. As one of the first K-12 transportation software solutions vendors in the marketplace, we’ve been here long enough to know exactly what can benefit every school transportation operation.

4. You Will Learn More About the Benefits of Big Data

Among the topics discussed will be the importance of using data more effectively to not only make better decisions about student transportation, but also to help you justify decisions to your board and stakeholders. We can help you navigate the mysteries of big data to show how collecting data and sharing databases in an integrated K-12 transportation software solution works.

5. You Can Get Some Fun and Free Stuff

We’ve gone all out to make our booth the happiest booth on Earth. And there’s no substitute for some FREE SWAG and OFFERS in the form of:

  • T-shirts
  • $50 Gift cards
  • Samsung Tablet
  • Executive discount: 50% of a new license purchase (up to $10,000)

Hopefully one or all of these great points will convince you to visit us in Richmond, Virginia for the NAPT Summit. In the meantime, you can drop us a line if you want to set up a personal, one-on-one appointment at the Summit. We look forward to hearing from you.

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