Upgrading Software for a Growing NEMT Provider

Upgrading Software for a Growing NEMT Provider

Winter Haven, Florida.

No doubt this place would be a haven from the harsh winters that I’m accustomed to. But on the 100 degree day that I visited in August, “Summer Sauna” would have been a more appropriate name for the town. I was in Winter Haven to film a video with Steve Wolfe, owner of Independent Community Transport (ICT), an NEMT operation that provides transportation to members of several Florida HMO plans in Polk County. As we set up for our interview, we realized the noise from the air conditioning could cause an issue with the sound quality in the recording. Steve was a great sport, volunteering to turn off the air conditioning even though the temperature in the office quickly began to climb.

The Evolution of an NEMT Operation: Simpli to Novus

Ultimately, Steve wanted to get the message across that Novus automated scheduling software is a great choice for smaller providers that want to grow their business. ICT’s relationship with TripSpark began when they got Simpli Transport, a drag-and-drop scheduling system for paratransit and NEMT operations that operate a small fleet. Steve and his staff were happy with Simpli’s easy to use interface, but as business grew, it was taking and more time to make schedules and keep up with same-day changes. To keep up with the demand, Steve decided it was time to move to Novus. The switch was incredibly smooth, because Simpli and Novus have the same user interface.

“A lot of what you use in Simpli, you use in Novus, so as far as training staff and having them be familiar and comfortable with Novus, it was fantastic, there wasn’t a big learning curve at all.”- Steve Wolfe 

The Power of Automated Scheduling

Now with Novus, Steve and his team can quickly schedule more efficient schedules, accommodate will-calls and same day changes, and ultimately, handle more business. "It provides us the flexibility to manage our runs more efficiently, manage our time more efficiently. It helps us with the will-calls, with the varying call loads that we have from day to day, with vehicle down-time,” said Steve. “We can manage all those things that influence our day much, much better with Novus.” Novus has enabled Steve to reduce payroll hours because now there is a lot less “sitting around waiting for trips”. Schedules are automatically built for efficiency and dispatchers have the ability to re-direct trips in the middle of the day to fill gaps.

“We’re able to utilize payroll hours in a more efficient manner.”- Steve Wolfe 

Watch the video to hear Steve explain how Novus is enabling his company to improve operations while keeping costs down

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