Announcing the New Trip Management Portal

Announcing the New Trip Management Portal

Demand response operations require an enormous amount of real time coordination of people, services and information. The problem for many is that service can suffer because of the speed and ability to respond to riders and clients when they call in to manage their trips. TripSpark’s soon to be launched Trip Management Portal can allow riders 24/7 access to a breadth of information and the ability to perform a number of key tasks in order to both relieve call centers, and also give riders more power over their trips.

The Paratransit Software Tool That Enables Users

Rather than calling in, users can book, confirm and cancel their trips, all from an easy-to-understand browser screen. However, agencies can still maintain authority over their schedules simply by configuring the elements that can be edited by the user. They can see all upcoming and previously booked trips at a glance. They can access their personal profiles in order to edit information regarding new addresses, phone numbers, mobility aids and more. Riders and clients get more assurance that their trips are booked and accurate. Special transport requirements and medical reason for their rides are captured, which helps to guarantee that the appropriate type of transporter is sent to do the trip and also to validate that the trip is eligible.

Full Integration With Your Operation

When a client makes an adjustment to their trip details, your staff can be alerted. Providing users the ability to cancel trips easily means that you can keep more control over your schedule. More importantly, if a client has the ability to cancel their trips, well in advance, this will lead to fewer no shows. The Trip Management Portal also integrates seamlessly with Ripple Notifications, which is another paratransit software tool to automatically communicate inbound and out-bound so riders can cancel, confirm and manage trips via voice calls, SMS and email. When these technologies are combined, your operation can easily automate an enormous amount of work that would normally require major staff involvement. Better communication can reduce no shows, late cancelations, canceled at the door events and driver wait times.

Making the Business Case

Whether you operate a paratransit ADA complementary service, or a NEMT business, providing better service while reducing expenditures is vital. The Trip Management Portal can encourage both. Less confusion leads to a reduction in driver wait times and the incident of no shows. The ability to book trips (and easily add a return trip) will please your riders or clients. Ultimately, better service can translate to fewer complaints, which means everyone wins.

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