Better Together: Partnering with Uber Health for NEMT Excellence

Better Together: Partnering with Uber Health for NEMT Excellence

We work in an industry that does best when it’s consistently looking ahead for ways to innovate, share knowledge, and bring members the best experience possible. This is doubly true as value-based care becomes the industry standard.

While it’s good to look for ways to lead and stand out, working together can bring even greater strides for those who matter most: the people who need what our clients have to offer. This is especially true when trying to find the best ways to remove various obstacles to people getting the proper care when they need it.

How TripSpark is looking to move forward

Our commitment to always creating a better experience for both our clients and their members is why we are so excited to announce that TripSpark’s NEMT business will be partnering with Uber Health. This partnership gives TripSpark clients access to Uber Health’s API integration by way of NovusMED. The integration enables clients on behalf of their members to request rides with Uber, allowing for further ease of access to transportation across the board.

When we talked about this exciting development, Steve Dewis, General Manager for TripSpark Technologies – NEMT, had this to say: “We are excited to formalize our partnership with Uber Health and bring a new level of transportation access to our clients, which will help increase the efficiency of their operations and improve the member rider experience.”

Why Uber Health believes care begins with getting there

When we spoke with Caitlin Donovan, Global Head of Uber Health, she said: “Uber Health is uniquely positioned to make requesting transportation easier. We’re proud to work with TripSpark Technologies to help address barriers to care and aim to improve long-term health outcomes on a national scale.”

How is it going to work?

TripSpark clients will be able to book rides through Uber Health this fall. Any TripSpark clients that want to take advantage can request this integration with Uber Health via NovusMED. Once the integration is in effect for our clients, their users will be able to request trips through Uber Health, while keeping these trips in pre-existing TripSpark workflows. The goal of this is to ensure our clients get all the convenience of Uber Health, without setting up a brand new system.

If you want to see what TripSpark has to offer, you can contact us and speak to one of our team members.

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