Boehner Resignation May be Good News for Transit Funding

Boehner Resignation May be Good News for Transit Funding

Good news may be on the horizon. This article suggests that we may be seeing an early resolution to the ongoing stalls for National transit funding. As speaker John Boehner prepares for his final months as Speaker, it’s suggested that the transit bill may benefit from his upcoming exit. His resignation has huge impacts to both parties and what they can and need to get accomplished before the end of the year as many of the current bills will benefit from closure prior to an election year. As we are all aware, transit funding for infrastructure, technology and assets is really a non-partisan issue that agencies need to make secure plans for the future of their transit systems. Let’s hope this is the moment of truth for the transportation bill.

Accelerated Timeline Benefits Transit Bill

Boehner’s departure has the potential to move up the timeline on the transit bill to the end of October. Why do we think this is valuable? As of the three major bills that could be passed, the transportation bill is one that mutually benefits both parties and is not solely tied to either one. In our opinion, there is a likelihood that the Highway Transportation Bill will likely be passed by year’s end and more than likely passed prior to Boehner’s departure at the end of October.

Transportation Funding for SoftwareTransit Agencies Should Get Ready to Start Shopping

To prepare for the bill being passed in the next month or so, transit agencies should start putting together a wish list of items they want to replace or buy for their agencies. Sometimes, it’s easier to find money if you are searching for funding for a particular project/item than trying to develop a project to fit a funding stream. As the bill specifics are released, TripSpark will be sending updated announcements summarizing funding that is available in the final and approved legislation.

We hope that Boehner is able to make some real headway in an issue that has stymied the future of transportation infrastructure and access to dependable transit funding. We look forward to working with you to help scope and develop solutions to fit your projects and help improve transportation for all. We’ve been waiting for the transportation bill for a long time, so let’s be prepared. Keep checking back here, or email us for more information at