Free Webinars: On and Beyond Community Transportation Software

Free Webinars: On and Beyond Community Transportation Software

Webinars are designed to instruct and build an online community between like-minded users and thought leaders. This is why we’re excited to be in our second year of developing a series of webinars presented for (and by) our clients and connections. Our series covers various industries, from fixed route and paratransit agencies to NEMT providers. Whether you’re interested in what some public transit agencies are doing to address the growing trend towards mobile technology, or you are a NEMT provider looking to cut costs, we have an industry webinar that may be of interest to you. Check out our resources page here and keep checking back as we produce more of them. Here is a quick overview of some of the webinars that are currently available.

Reducing the Impact of Will Calls

Our latest webinar discusses the damaging effect that will calls can have on a NEMT or paratransit operation’s schedule. The panel included Paula George from Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority and Cori Walter from First Transit. Our guests did a great job of describing how they created operational shifts to better manage the proliferation of will calls at their operations.

Funding Advice From the Experts

Some of our presentations focus on how to access state and federal funding for public agencies of varying sizes. This can include large and small urban centers as well as rural and tribal transit. Our guests range from those who have secured funding to those who can act as advisors to help you develop a grant application.

What Should You Consider Essential Technology?

In this video, we talk to Blacksburg Transit’s Tim Witten, SARTA’s Craig Smith and Manatee County’s Lourdes Alcox to see what they envision for the future of transportation technology. We discussed everything from flying cars to passenger information systems and the trend towards mobile connectivity.

Our Upcoming Webinar on Transit Marketing Tactics

Join us for a discussion (on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015) on the best practices and tactics for developing a marketing plan. Find out how to advertise and spread the word about your transit services and new technology. As well, hear what our guests from Frederick County and Lethbridge Transit have done: educate, entertain and engage with their riders.

Be sure to keep checking back for new topics and presentations. And if you have an idea for an upcoming topic, we’d love to hear from you. The odds are if you have a question, someone else is asking that same question too. And that’s what our webinars are all about.

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