Have Questions About NEMT? TripSpark Has Your Answers!

Have Questions About NEMT? TripSpark Has Your Answers!

TripSpark is an NEMT software provider that assists companies in providing transportation for people who have to make crucial medical appointments. The software offers client management, booking and scheduling, reporting, and billing functionality which help provider companies determine who is eligible to use their services. Various businesses usually seek this kind of information to improve their NEMT delivery processes. We've put together some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from the types of NEMT businesses we encounter most often:


Is TripSpark Good for a Managed Care Organization?

Yes, TripSpark ensures that your NEMT services will run efficiently and cost-effectively, documenting audit trails and meeting compliance needs. The software tracks credentialing for drivers, vehicles, and third-party transportation providers. Custom and automated reports are vital to finding patterns of service issues, helping you identify how to best create more positive experiences for your members. TripSpark's software also assists with auditing and compliance to help MCOs align with state and federal regulations.

How can TripSpark benefit our members?

There are many benefits of using TripSpark for members spanning from the U.S. to Canada as we aim to cut down on travel costs without reducing the quality of our services in any way. Members can plan and book trips more efficiently, see where their driver is in real-time, receive automatic updates, and more when they use TripSpark's software. 

PACE Programs

Is TripSpark suitable for PACE Programs?

Yes. TripSpark's NEMT software helps PACE programs meet their objectives of ensuring seniors meet their healthcare goals without residing in a long-term care facility. Offering PACE software that improves how providers implement their services makes it an ideal fit for all PACE programs. Consistent pickup times, familiar drivers and vehicles, and on-time arrivals to PACE programs are easily obtained with NovusMED. 

How can our participants use TripSpark?

TripSpark has an intuitive, easy-to-use ride-booking application with a quick learning curve that your participants can use to its full potential. It offers real-time communications via text or email, access to driver details so you can effortlessly personalize their overall experience of the ride. 

Transportation Providers

Can I afford TripSpark?

Great question! TripSpark works with your budget, considering the number of vehicles and trips per day you manage. TripSpark offers immense value with the highest quality NEMT software and ongoing support. We don’t just sell you our software; we become your partner in NEMT excellence. To find out more about our pricing, contact us

Is TripSpark good for independent transportation providers?

Yes. At TripSpark, we aim to help NEMT professionals navigate their transportation journey with ease. Our software is backed by rigorous R&D and comes with ongoing support from our customer care team. This team is made up of professionals from the industry to ensure that we deliver support that you can’t find elsewhere. Our end goal is always to support our customers and their members in every way we can. Plus, our software is highly customizable and can be tailored to what your independent transportation business needs most.


Is TripSpark good for brokers?

Yes. TripSpark is a highly reliable software for NEMT transportation brokers as it comes with customizable and integrated systems. You, as a broker, can customize your search fields, reports (as well as automate them), and more, along with making specific fields mandatory to ensure that you never miss out on state-mandated reporting requirements or other essential information. 

Will TripSpark help me bill members?

Yes. NEMT Transportation brokers have enough on their plate, which is why we've created a module that makes your billing process painless and efficient. You can incorporate TripSpark's Claims Management module into your NEMT software and complete your claims much faster and with enhanced accuracy. This streamlined process will help you bill your members and receive payments from your payors much quicker, sans paper.

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