School Transportation Software: A New Division of TripSpark

School Transportation Software: A New Division of TripSpark

TripSpark is excited to announce the new direction for Trapeze Group school bus transportation software division. As such, TripSpark will now take over operation of the school division from its sister company, Trapeze Group. We’re also excited because of the benefits we can offer our current and future customers. Dedication to the total customer experience is the foundation upon which we offer all our transportation partnerships. As new technologies emerge (such as GPS student tracking and RFID card readers systems) TripSpark will be on the vanguard of developing the tools and solutions desired most by the school transport market.

School Transportation Software: the TripSpark Difference

TripSpark funnels a major portion of its resources back into development. This is so that we can grow alongside our clients and also remain competitive in the K-12 Transportation Software marketplace. It’s more than just 24/7 customer support, it’s a long-term vision that keeps evolving along with our clients’ growing needs. Part of the difference at TripSpark is the agility and speed with which we can respond to customer concerns. If a client brings us a problem in need of a solution, our team of developers and customer support staff can act quickly by building that solution. This is particularly useful in the very demanding and unique environment of school transportation providers. Since every operation is unique, has tight budgets and must report to watchful board groups, staff, parents and students, we understand how agility and scalability are essential attributes of a successful software company.

The Personal Touch

“Bring us your problems.” This something I ask of all our current and prospective clients. The TripSpark team works towards solving your unique situation. Since our major strength is in building and supporting new products, we need to learn more about what can enable your operation to work better. Are you concerned about reducing costs by optimizing routes? Are you dealing with heavy overtime expenses? Are you finding it difficult to recruit and retain drivers? These are all valid concerns that can be addressed by K-12 transportation software solutions and our specialists.

Why You Should Consider the Future

Among the many new products we have developed, GPS tracking is of major interest. Mobile is becoming a significant trend as well. All stakeholders are going to appreciate having instant, accurate access to:

  • Operational data
  • Bus location
  • Schedule adherence
  • Student location (on and off the bus)

We continue to work towards offering K-12 transportation software solutions that align with what our clients dictate. But it’s important that you consider what your future plans entail. Read the Pasco County Schools success story to discover why a single-source, end-to-end solution is the best way to ensure that all your future plans and technology integrates and communicates properly. 

In conclusion, what are your main problems as a student transportation operation? Again I ask you to bring us your problems, your issues and your concerns. Let us find a way find solutions together.

Let’s Get Connected.