School Bus Transportation Software Makes Short Work of Field Trips

School Bus Transportation Software Makes Short Work of Field Trips

The thing we all remember about field trips when we were kids was the paperwork: permission slips. As children, we weren’t aware of the major headache and massive amount of paperwork that schools encountered due to organizing and managing field trips. Modern-day school transportation operations are facing the same issues – except conditions have gotten far more complicated. For example:

  • Students are living further away from their schools
  • Dietary and allergy concerns have increased
  • Student tracking is a major issue
  • Finding the right driver for the job is vital

And the bullet-pointed list goes on. Did you know that K-12 transportation software has the ability to do a vast amount of the manual labor associated with planning a field trip?

Automated Field Trip Preparation

Teachers and administrators can submit extremely detailed field trip requests entirely online from a secure website. Permission slips can be generated by both teachers and administration. These things alone can save a huge amount of time. Digital practices ensure that each request gets logged into your system and it is far less likely that a request will get lost. All data is entered once – and only once. This relieves staff time who might normally need to enter in student information from permission slips into multiple data locations.

The Integration Benefits of K-12 Transportation Software

Your database is fully integrated (and this post explains why it matters) which means that each field trip event is synchronized with payroll information. Unions will be content to know that you can easily generate driver invoices and track all payments so your drivers get paid quickly with little chance of error. And of course the software is integrated with student data, which is the most important feature.

Safety and Security Concerns Addressed

K-12 transportation software provides an integrated student and driver database that ensures data is more current and accurate. It can be counted on to alert administration to any safety concerns long in advance of the trip. Information such as guardian and emergency contacts are automatically associated with each student on every field trip. Should a student require special needs transportation, these factors can be taken into consideration when scheduling the trip, selecting the route and particular driver.

It’s great news to know that field trips don’t have to be a major hassle. K-12 transportation software can tackle them with ease. The only problem your schools will have is deciding where they want to take their students next. Talk to me today to learn more about our fully integrated end-to-end set of school transportation solutions.

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