Medicaid Webinar: Sharing our Vision for NEMT

Medicaid Webinar: Sharing our Vision for NEMT

Changing state regulations and new technologies are continually shaking up the NEMT industry. Want a peek into the future of NEMT? Watch the January 2018 Star Search webinar recording below. Star Search webinars hosted by Mostly Medicaid offer viewers the opportunity to hear from innovative companies that serve the Medicaid market. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional, or new to Medicaid, you can learn something new by watching the webinar.

In the January webinar, TripSpark is featured alongside two other companies that are doing great things in the Medicaid space. TripSpark industry solutions professional Gail Bauhs provides an overview of NEMT, shares recent success stories and reveals the latest NEMT technologies coming down the pipeline.


Here’s an outline of what you’ll see in the webinar:

NEMT Overview

If you’re a health care entity considering getting involved in NEMT, or a broker that is new to the industry, I suggest you listen to Gail’s NEMT Overview. In the overview, you’ll learn about:

  • The basics of NEMT: how the industry got started and how the service is funded.
  • Who our products are made for.
  • How software helps users achieve common NEMT goals.

Click here to watch the NEMT Overview segment


Success Stories

At TripSpark, we recognize that every NEMT brokerage is different, but there are often similarities between sites. When considering how to improve your operation, it can be helpful to look at what worked for others. In the next section, Gail shares stories from a growing NEMT brokerage and an established public agency. Listen to the success stories to learn:

  • How a growing private brokerage is able to quickly and accurately track eligibility, apply different program and service rules and process complex claims.
  • How a public transit agency with fixed route, ADA paratransit and NEMT operations is able to manage their paratransit and NEMT services out of a single office with a single piece of software.

Click here to watch the success stories segment


Vision for Medicaid Markets

The primary goal of NEMT is to improve healthcare outcomes by providing the lowest cost, most appropriate transportation possible. There are several recent changes within the NEMT landscape that are impacting how this goal is achieved. Watch the webinar to explore the future of NEMT and learn about:

  • Why more MCOs and health care providers are choosing to get involved in NEMT.
  • How Lyft is transforming medical transportation with timely and convenient service.
  • How to gain real-time visibility into your provider’s vehicles and speed up the billing process with new technology.

Click here to watch the Vision for Medicaid Markets segment


Ongoing Learning

In a rapidly changing industry like NEMT, it’s important to continually stay on top of what is happening so that you’re prepared for the future. Videos like Mostly Medicaid’s Star Search webinars are a great way to stay abreast of what is happening in NEMT. For more videos on the latest NEMT technologies, check out our NEMT content hub.

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