Brokerage Improves Scheduling and Claims Processes Using NEMT Software

Brokerage Improves Scheduling and Claims Processes Using NEMT Software

Down the Oregon Coast We Go!

Back in June, Our NEMT solutions consultant, Gail Bauhs, and I took a road trip down the Oregon coast to film a customer video with Kevin Manley, Brokerage Administrator at Bay Cities Ambulance (A part of the Metro West family of companies). Bay Cities Brokerage manages medical transportation for Umpqua Health Alliance (CCO for Douglas County), and is based in the lovely seaside town of Coos Bay, renowned for its many excellent seafood restaurants, like Shark Bites where we enjoyed the house specialty. I challenge you to find better fish tacos anywhere!

A System Designed for NEMT Versus a Basic CAD system

Many NEMT operators struggle to ‘make do’ with software that is not designed for their type of business. Processes like pushing out schedules to providers and managing claims are timely endeavors that can leave administrators stressed as they work against the clock to maintain workflows.

In the video, Kevin explains that at first, his brokerage used a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system to schedule trips. Because the CAD system was not designed for a brokerage, Kevin had to improvise a manual way to get the schedules, and any changes, sent out to providers. And because The CAD system lacked a billing module, Kevin’s team had to manually copy ride information into a claims spreadsheet, which could result in errors.

Metro West Ambulance chose to get TripSpark Novus-Med software so that they could schedule and distribute manifests in advance and complete their claims processes quicker and more accurately.

Smarter Trip Assignment and Dispatching with Novus-Med

Now, providers are able to receive their manifests a week in advance, and if there are any changes to a manifest, they’ll automatically be notified in real-time. Novus-Med frees up time for the brokerage administrator to focus on clients, and allows providers to better manage their driver roster (and plan for driver shortages well in advance).

“Having real-time updates …it means a lot to everyone.”


Complete Claims Quicker and More Accurately

When the brokerage was dependent on the CAD system, the billing process was tedious. It would take Kevin 20 or 30 minutes on average just to create a batch file. Now, he can generate the file in about 10-15 seconds. What a difference!

Not only is Kevin able to send the claims to their CCO much quicker, they are also much more likely to be error-free. This is because the module flags any errors and shows Kevin what he needs to do to correct them.

“What took one week before, we’re able to do in a single day!”


The Impact of Novus-Med

Having one integrated system that intuitively manages trip assignment, dispatching and billing has made a huge impact on operations at Metro West Ambulance’s NEMT brokerage. As Kevin explains in the video, he now has time to focus on improving service to clients instead of stressing over last-minute scheduling mishaps and over-due claims forms.

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