NEMT & Credential Management – Here’s What You Need to Know

NEMT & Credential Management – Here’s What You Need to Know

In the NEMT realm, all drivers and vehicles have credentials associated with them, such as licenses, insurance, vehicle inspections etc. These records are critical to determine whether a driver or vehicle is qualified to perform a trip and for you to actually get reimbursed for it.

In this post, we’ll explain the importance of credential management and some valuable features of TripSpark's Credential Management software

Why Credential Management?

As an NEMT broker, you must make sure your fleet’s and drivers' credentials are up to date. Managing credentials accurately and regularly makes certain only qualified drivers and vehicles perform NEMT trips and ensures your company is in compliance with funders' contracts. For example, if one driver has an expired driver's license and bills for a trip, this would surface during the billing review resulting in an unbillable trip. Since billing may take place several days after the performance of the trip, the potential for loss of revenue expands until the issue is caught. You can see why you can’t afford to not manage credentials and why it’s imperative for brokers to ensure only approved drivers and vehicles make trips.

The Benefits of Credential Management Software

TripSpark's Credential Management software, part of TripSpark's NEMT software suite, enables providers and brokers to have control over driver and vehicle documentation. Brokers and providers can also generate reports to keep an eye on expiration dates of licenses, vehicle inspections, insurance, training, and other requirements stipulated by the organization, funders, or state and federal regulators.

Here are some key features and benefits of our credential management software:

Features Benefits

Easy to use credential dashboard

Both brokers and providers can manage all credential types from a single platform.

Denote a driver or vehicle as active or inactive

Quicker reimbursements and clean audits since data is comprehensive and verifiable.

Log in, review and update credential statuses, and upload and attach relevant documents

Enhanced billing efficiency with one central, organized system for all credentials, together with your NEMT software.


To learn more about using credential management, check out our informative Solution Sheet.

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