NEMT Industry Webinar Looks at Reducing Impact of Will Calls

NEMT Industry Webinar Looks at Reducing Impact of Will Calls

Will calls are unpredictable. As any NEMT operation will tell you, coordinating return rides is the key to more efficient service. Mobility management directors are looking to address this issue head on. The fact is, an unstable schedule increases the risk that trips will be late and clients won’t be able to make their appointments. While we advocate for NEMT software solutions as a means of providing reliability to a schedule and the ability to react quickly to issues as they develop in real time, we (like you) would prefer they simply didn’t exist.

Webinar Set to Reveal Procedural Tips

In our Reducing the Impact of Will Calls webinar, we will address this issue directly. Our panel of guests have each, in their way, discovered methods for reducing the impact of will calls upon their operations. This was achieved through a combination of different strategies:

  • By working with clients to develop a plan together
  • By getting more information at the time of booking
  • By better understanding their client’s schedules
  • By using NEMT software that can adjust schedules quickly

Tips for Brokers and Providers

Our webinar panel represents both brokers and providers. They will reveal how they should work together to eliminate much of the unpredictability in a schedule, while still providing on-time trips and quality service. We will be joined by Cori Walter, General Manager from First Transit and Paula George, Deputy Administrator and HST coordinator with Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority. Both, in their ways are advocating for an industry-wide push towards better policies and practices towards handling booking and client management. If you’re interested in the future of non-emergency medical transportation, this webinar is worth attending, for this reason alone.

NEMT software webinar for reducing will calls

NEMT Software Works Along Side Procedural Initiatives

One of the main takeaways from our webinar will be how much easier it is to collect information, pass updates on to drivers, dispatchers and clients when you have a NEMT software solution in place. The need for “more information” is a theme we hear again and again from brokers and providers. In this case, having access to more information will allow schedulers to better predict and make choices. With more information they can better work with clients to make more accurate estimates when it comes to pick up times, taking the sting out of a potentially random will call.

Click here to sign up for our webinar entitled “Reducing the Impact of Will Calls on NEMT Operations.” We hope to see you there.

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Gail Bauhs operated NEMT brokerages for over 20 years at both public transit and private non-profit agencies. Gail is now an NEMT industry Solutions Consultant and board member of NEMTAC, a non-profit healthcare organization dedicated to championing standards and best practices for the provision of non-emergency medical transportation.

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