New Ladders Funding Opportunity: FTA and the NCMM

New Ladders Funding Opportunity: FTA and the NCMM

As part of my dedication towards offering industry insight and business planning advice, I want to alert our readers to a unique funding opportunity that has been presented by the NCMM (National Center for Mobility Management.) They are accepting applications for a Healthcare Access Mobility Design Challenge. As part of the Ladders of Opportunity funding from the FTA (Federal Transit Administration) NCMM is looking to award funds to eight community teams. The opportunity is to design innovative solutions to transportation challenges, with prizes of $25,000 in grants and technical assistance. Applications are due March 27, 2015. This gives you an ample amount of time to complete your team requirements and to develop a winning idea.

Basic Project Guidelines to Consider

Projects will be judged based upon their ability to design innovative solutions to healthcare transportation. Teams should consider ideas that focus on the following:

  • Access to preventative care, primary care, and/or health education opportunities
  • Access to ongoing dialysis treatment for people with end-stage renal disease
  • Access to post-hospitalization doctor’s appointments, rehabilitation therapy, and other services to help people avoid re-hospitalization
  • Access to behavioral health treatment

Ideas That Are Human-centered

The teams need to include members representing a “human-centered design thinking approach” to healthcare transportation and ways to improve it. Teams must include members from the patient perspective, mobility experts, healthcare providers and representatives providing case management or other services. Optionally, team members can include ancillary healthcare providers, community-based organizations, local healthy living advocates, public officials, the city or county health department, health plans, NORC’s, members from the technology sector or others to round out a team.

NCMM stresses that teams should take into account the following two principles and techniques to factor into their design thinking:

  1. Understand the people affected by transportation mobility challenges
  2. Consider a breadth of solutions; then present at least 2 that respond to the challenge area

Consider us a Community Transportation Software Partner

Because TripSpark works with its partners to develop and innovate community transportation software, we are uniquely positioned to represent the technology sector. We specialize in providing transportation solutions to non-emergency medical and community PACE organizations. We take a human-centered approach to developing new software solutions, in order to improve efficiency in the office and provide a higher quality of life for their clients and participants.

As such, consider us a resource for rounding out the requirements of your team. Please contact us today if you’d like to take advantage of the expertise and insight that our software specialists can deliver. Let’s work together to build towards a winning strategy and submission.

NCMM is holding a webinar on Friday, February 13 at 2:00 EST. See the link below for more information.

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