The Ripple Effect: Our New Cloud-based Notification System

The Ripple Effect: Our New Cloud-based Notification System

When it comes to enabling a phone/SMS/email notification system, many transportation operations have found traditional systems to be far too bulky and expensive to make them worthwhile. The trouble has always been to find a way to seamlessly integrate a notification system that doesn’t require a host server to be located on an operation’s premises, forcing their IT departments into managing and maintaining specialized servers tied directly into their phone systems. Installation and service costs (not to mention training time) are valuable resources that many organizations simply don’t have to spare. On the other hand, everyone knows that having the use of such a system is a huge benefit to schedulers, dispatchers, drivers and riders alike.

Ripple is Lighter than a Cloud

The TripSpark team is incredibly excited to innovate, develop and launch a notification system that can accomplish all the same heavy tasks of older client server-side systems, but with a far smaller footprint than ever TripSpark Ripple Notification System uses cloud-based voice over IP, which means that installation is simple. No need to install a new server on your site. TripSpark Notifications works with the systems you already have, for example Novus or PASS.

Even the Wires Are Eliminated

Because Ripple uses VOIP communication, all SMS text messaging, automated voice notifications and email schedule updates can be pushed through the Internet. This means you truly have a wireless service with little to no set-up and maintenance. In the short and the long runs, you will see a great amount of cost savings. Especially true when considering that older systems require much more time and IT intervention when it comes to installation.

The Benefits to Existing Transit Software

Having your own notification system is a huge bonus to existing transit software solutions. Imagine the ability to send riders a text to alert them that their ride is approaching. Imagine the time savings when drivers can know if a scheduled trip has been canceled. Whether on the street, in the vehicle or in a rider’s hand, the Ripple effect can be felt far and wide. With a cost-effective notification solution, your organization can have all the benefits of its more expensive, more complicated and heavy counterpart.

Download our solution sheet to learn even more about the features and benefits of this brand new and very unique product. I’m sure that as you learn more, you’ll understand why every demand response software solution will be greatly enhanced by adding on a notification system.

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