What is School Bus Transportation Software?

What is School Bus Transportation Software?

What is K-12 Transportation Software?

In a nutshell, K-12 transportation software provides school transportation operators with a cohesive platform to effectively manage student transportation services.  Advanced scheduling features enable district personnel to accommodate daily schedule changes using school district policies that ensure student safety and vehicle efficiency.  Comprehensive special needs functionality provides the tools needed to ensure transportation and mobility requirements of each student are not overlooked. 

In addition, all stakeholders, from school administrators to parents/guardians are provided secure access to both planned and real-time transportation information.

What are the components of K-12 Transportation Software?

Calendar-based scheduling/routing, GPS tracking, student tracking, parent mobile apps, bus driver management and field trip management are just a few of the components that make up K-12 transportation software. In this post, we’ll walk you through its core applications, and what TripSpark’s K-12 software (VEO Transportation) includes.

Let’s break it down and take a closer look: 

Industry Core Technologies TripSpark's Solutions
Scheduling & Routing

Calendar-based functionality uses a fully integrated, multi-term calendar – past, current, and future, all in one database. It allows you to make edits to a student’s routing to accommodate a one-time change without altering their regular schedule.

Vehicle and Student Tracking

VEO Now GPS/Automatic Vehicle Location for student transportation gives you instant access to all sorts of bus information, in real-time, without having to run reports or retrieve any data.

Parent Mobile Apps

TripSpark's WheresTheBusTM Parent App answers that very question – by using intuitive icons, the app tells parents/guardians exactly where their bus is, and much more.

Bus Driver Management

Manage everything related to your drivers and vehicles in real-time, from scheduling to maintenance, and more, in one integrated system.

Field Trip Management

From permission slips for parents to generating driver invoices, TripSpark’s Field Trip Management software integrates fully with your central student database.






The applications above make up K-12 transportation software. Together, they encompass multiple aspects of transportation management – ensuring your operations run smoothly.

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