Saving Lives with TripSpark | Easy Lift Transportation
Saving Lives with TripSpark | Easy Lift Transportation

We saved lives with TripSpark. We were able to identify individuals and where they lived, and with immediacy, we were able to get out there and get people out of harm’s way.

Ernesto Paredes

Executive Director, Easy Lift Transportation

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Saving Lives with TripSpark | Easy Lift Transportation



My name is Ernesto Paredes. I’m the Executive Director of Easy Lift Transportation in Santa Barbara California.

Easy Lift Transportation is a non-profit charity. We’ve been in existence since 1979, so pre Americans with Disabilities Act. With the ADA we were able to expand into Paratransit. We work with the local fixed route to take on that responsibility. We have 20 vehicles that are dedicated to our ADA transportation.

Another program that we offer at Easy Lift is our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation.

Easy Lift has been working with TripSpark for about 5 years now. We started with their automated scheduling software, their Novus product, and that has been a game changer for our scheduling opportunities – being able to group more rides, create a lot more efficiencies and ultimately provide more rides. We use TripSpark’s Novus scheduling software, and to compliment that, we use DriverMate for all of our vehicles.

With DriverMate, our drivers have the utmost confidence so that they know they can focus their attention on one of the most precious cargo that we have – our passengers. The driver is getting exactly the information that was given, and they’re able to express to the office that they got the information. A lot of times in transportation that can be lost, and that can be very important in regards to picking up a person or going to a location that you didn’t expect to have to go to.

We’ve always been prone to wildfires and mudslides here in California. Well more recently we’ve experienced both within 2 months of each other. During the fires and mudslides there was, as you can imagine, there was chaos in our community. Phone lines were down.

We at Easy Lift were still able to communicate with our drivers through DriverMate. So there were people who needed to be evacuated. If we depended on the cellphones, we wouldn’t have been able to evacuate these individuals. Through DriverMate, we were able to communicate not only who they were picking up, but the locations, and what to look out for, what areas were closed down on their way over there. So deviate some of the roads that used to be there, that no longer existed. We saved lives with TripSpark. We were able to identify individuals and where they lived, and immediacy – with immediacy we were able to get out there and get people out of harm’s way. Without this system, I don’t know how many people’s lives would have been in severe danger. With DriverMate, that’s been able to enhance our reliability of our data, because there’s so much less opportunity for human error.

We are a non-profit charity, but we work very closely with local government, with different municipalities, through different cities, the country. And they want the confidence to know that the information being given to them, is something that is going to be accurate, so the integrity of the data is of the utmost importance, because there’s a lot of dollars that are attached to that.

Not only does TripSpark provide great products, they provide great people. And that has given me the confidence to feel like I’m not in this alone. They know my goals. They anticipate some of the questions I will have, even before I have them. Technology companies and me, never got along in the past. But now I feel like there’s a group of individuals that get me, they get my organization, they get our community, and I feel like we are all in this together.

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