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NEMT Scheduling
& Dispatch Software

Coordination and exchange of information are key to keeping the entire NEMT ecosystem running efficiently. This can include communication of client information, eligibility, proof of on-time service, reports to agencies, and more. Providers can submit claims digitally, reducing the risk of denials, which ultimately leads to faster reimbursements. Automated scheduling produces more efficient routes, improves vehicle usage ratio and allows schedulers to book single, group or recurring trips (as well as return rides) with ease.

On the road, in the vehicle and in the office, software solutions help providers become better problem solvers.

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Full Range of NEMT Software Solutions

NEMT Faster Reimbursements

Faster Reimbursements

Reduced data input error results in fewer denial of trips or claims. Quick eligibility process.

Better NEMT Reporting

Better Reporting

Provide accurate insight into a provider’s work and relay information to agencies efficiently.

Improved NEMT Service

Improved Service

Fewer complaints. More reliable and predictable schedules. 24/7 self-service options for clients.

NEMT Software Notifications

Automated Notifications

Send canned notifications to clients and get immediate replies. Reduces no shows and improves predictability of service to clients.

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Passenger Portal

Clients and their care givers can view, book (optionally), edit and cancel trips on the Internet. Return trips can be initiated with a button touch.

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NEMT Table App

Tablet App

Digital manifests make a driver’s job easier and far safer. Automatically monitor trip details, add/cancel trips in real time, capture client information, and much more.

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Streamline Your Operations

Better Service

  • Increase the reliability and flexibility of your service. Allow call takers to view detailed patient information, including special needs

Lower Costs

  • Simple, browser-based application reduces staff training expenses and overall cost of ownership
  • More efficient vehicle and driver deployment lowers overall operational costs
  • Hosted solutions available for operations without dedicated IT resources

Increased Productivity

  • Fast, automated scheduling and dispatch
  • Less time required for booking, billing and eligibility
  • Browser-based functionality can be used over the internet or company intranet


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With our powerful, easy to use, integrated set of transportation tools, organizations can connect people, places and communities by delivering exceptional experiences to their riders. TripSpark is, after all, on a mission to connect North America’s leading transportation providers and riders through meaningful interactions.

"Having real-time updates, it means a lot to everyone. Because it’s less phone calls that we have to do, and that’s more time that we are having to focus on the clients."


Kevin Manley Brokerage Administrator, Metro West Ambulance

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