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NEMT Software + In-vehicle technology: Better Together


Both tablet and rugged solutions have their distinct advantages, integrate with non-emergency medical scheduling software and enable real-time management of your fleet.

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Tablet and Rugged: Both Great Options!

Hundreds of NEMT providers around the world use in-vehicle technology to keep tabs on their fleets. Other benefits include:

Increase Productivity

In-vehicle technology can help you see productivity gains of 5%-10% or more

Reduce Radio Traffic

Reduce dispatcher/driver radio traffic by as much as 80%

Improve Reporting

Record actual time and odometer reading while reducing manual data entry

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TripSpark Ranger

A rugged in-vehicle computer, Ranger is proven to withstand the harsh transit environment. Ranger meets military specifications for vibration and shock, as well as the international standard for water ingress protection. With internal antennas, Ranger is tamper-proof and easy to install and maintain.

  • Faster dispatching
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Improved response times to customer calls
  • Better vehicle maintenance

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TripSpark DriverMate

Designed to be flexible and simple, TripSpark Mobile helps agencies looking to control costs, improve productivity and provide better service to their passengers. This solution can help you achieve measurable goals, such as:

  • Same-day bookings
  • Fewer denials
  • Improved on-time performance
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Increase in passenger trips per hour.

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Tablet or Rugged?

We have put together this ultimate overview of the features and benefits of Android tablets and rugged on-board computers.

Learn which option offers:

  • Real time manifests
  • Real time locations, speed and heading tracking
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Expandable memory, input and output ports
  • Google mapping tools
  • And more.

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Decrease Radio Congestion

Congested radio traffic does nothing to ensure safe communication between your drivers and dispatchers. Mobile data computers synchronize information with back office software and provide various methods of contact. This short video will show you how in-vehicle technology can make driver/dispatcher communication more efficient, and increases overall productivity for your demand response operation.

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