Customizable NEMT software for federal, state/provincial, or local government-funded transit agencies

Your operations are one-of-a-kind. Each agency providing NEMT services faces unique circumstances, which means a one-size-fits-all solution will never provide your staff and riders with the support they need. At a minimum, funding varies from region to region, and you might serve urban, suburban, or rural passengers. Customization isn't a nice-to-have—it's essential for a successful, effective service.

That's why TripSpark's NovusMED is completely customizable for you: it's the only software out there today specifically designed for the complex and changing needs of the NEMT industry.

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NEMT Software Suite Overview

Automated Scheduling

Save time for your staff with automated scheduling and dispatch. Plus, easily book single trips or daily batch trips in one go.

In-Vehicle Apps

Drivers electronically receive daily trip assignments and scheduling changes. You'll make them happier, and provide more efficient operations for passengers.

Real-Time Dispatch

Provide passengers maximum convenience by accommodating same-day scheduling changes such as will-calls, last-minute trip requests and late cancellations while maintaining high efficiency and on-time performance.

Information Management

Ease staff and passenger experiences by maintaining an up-to-date database of drivers and clients. Document and respond effectively to compliments, complaints, and other inquiries with client relationship management. Plus, track an accurate listing of vehicles.

Billing / Claims

Maximize consistency and positive service experiences—with less effort than ever before. NovusMED's automated electronic data transmission improves billing accuracy and compliance and reduces rejected trips. You'll receive faster reimbursements from multiple funding sources. Transactions comply with HIPAA data confidentiality laws, and information is automatically captured to make the audit process a breeze. 

Data Sharing

See important data and key metrics at-a-glance with our intuitive data management system. Receive electronic trip requests from brokers, healthcare organizations and other funding sources to determine service and payment expectations quickly. In turn, provide them with accurate trip completion data in record time. Perform fast document imports and exports, such as trip data and credentials.

Online Booking

Provide personalized, self-managed trip booking for Passengers with the convenience of Passenger Portal, available via computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Passenger Notifications

The Notifications module provides SMS (text) or IVR (voice call) updates, so passengers get accurate vehicle arrival times, resulting in more on-time departures. 


Confidentiality is top of mind with NovusMED. We have exceptional ratings and scores on HIPAA attestation, Secured Software Development Life Cycle, HITRUST RAPID Assessment and Cyber Risk Scorecard.


Improve billing compliance and reduce the number of denied trips. Easily track driver and vehicle licensing, certifications, training, and insurance.

API Integration

API connections with ModivCare and others ensure that everyone using NovusMED has the real-time information they need to provide seamless transportation services.

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