NEMT Software to Build an Efficient Brokerage Operation

Coordination and exchange of information is the key to an efficient NEMT broker model. This can include the exchange of data between broker and provider, broker and client, provider and client, and broker and funding agency. It can include the communication of client information, proof of eligibility, proof of on-time service, and even the verification of driver licenses. A total view of contract and provider information, with the ability to drill down to detailed data sets can enable your operation to gain key insight into metrics, report on quality service, and at the same time deliver a higher quality of service. Simply put, an integrated NEMT software solution can allow your organization to make operational improvements and boost your bottom line.

Complete End-to-End Integration

Share vital data and information throughout your entire NEMT eco-system: state agencies, managed care organizations, providers and clients. Manage multiple providers and multiple funding sources. Total insight into every part of your operation.

Providing Better Service to Clients

With our integrated solutions, clients have more control over their trips, full 24/7 service and a greater sense of comfort with your service. Automation and on-line portals make your service more dependable and predictable.

Reliable Reporting to Agencies

Our solutions are flexible to allow for the variance of rules from state to state, now and as they may change over time. Relevant data is then available for audits. Adjustable solutions can accommodate unique implementations in order to function within your unique agency model.

Reduce Staff Time and Call Volume

With self-service trip booking features, data is captured once. This improves accuracy and means no re-keying of data. Through better communication with funding agencies, client information can be securely shared and edited online, without the need to call into your office.

Better Connection to Your Providers

All mission-critical data is shared and accessible. Billing goes smoothly and providers can rely upon timely reimbursements. When providers and brokers are connected, brokers have complete insight into their operation, their trips, their clients and quality of service.

Provider Selection Made Simple

With an integrated system, you can select the most appropriate provider based upon your specific criteria. This can include cost, location, mode and availability. Accurate and cost effective decisions can be made quickly, ensuring that every trip and client gets exceptional service.

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Kevin Manley, Metro West Ambulance

Kevin Manley describes his experience using TripSpark's NEMT software Novus Med and how it has made his life much easier. "Having real-time updates, it means a lot to everyone. Because it’s less phone calls that we have to do, and that’s more time that we are having to focus on the clients." Watch to learn more! 


Mike Hall, Hope Network

Mike understands the importance of investing in transportation technology. As he says, "That's the big hangup with technology in the first place. 'Awesome, it looks great. How much does it cost? I can't afford it'. If you can get past the investment in technology and look at the value it can provide, you can find that the efficiency gains will more than pay for the upfront costs."


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