Total Transportation and Health Care Management

Coordinating health care services and transportation services can be difficult when taking into account each participant’s schedule, medical history and unique personal requirements. Enabling a higher quality of life means being predictable, reliable and accurate. This all begins with efficiency at the core of an organization's model of elderly care. Being late for an appointment or having the wrong caregiver sent can greatly impact a participant’s quality of life. Working off of paper reports and manual data entry can create errors and produce inefficiencies that dramatically affect patient care. Automation enables accurate trip booking in coordination with health care services in order to improve the quality of your overall care.

Producing accurate schedules, faster

With computerized scheduling tools, your coordinators can create schedules in a fraction of the time required to schedule services manually. Automation ensures that pertinent information is taken into consideration during the booking process, which greatly reduces the possibility of a booking error.

Skill level based scheduling and tracking

NEMT software supports the definition of multiple skill levels for your staff. You can define the levels of skill required to perform each type of care service provided by your organization and assign these levels to members of your staff. The software then schedules accordingly to ensure a correct match with the participant's needs.

Improving management of participant information

The system captures demographic information for participants, including general information, multiple addresses, contacts and even staff member preferences. Integrated database shares across your network, but HIPAA compliant security levels allow you to specify user information access.

Coordinating multiple schedules

Coordinating schedules between home care, transportation, and off-site appointments allows you to streamline operations and improve participant care. Ability to configure software to operate for a single facility or accommodate multiple facilities within the same organization enhances flexibility.

Managing home health care visits

Get immediate updates about the status of all home health care visits. This allows you to uncover areas of possible inefficiency and ensures that schedules are being kept so that care levels remain high. Mobile devices can provide the ability to capture task completion information and times.

Reducing staff training times

Our browser-based, NEMT software solution is easy to learn, which reduces staff training time. It is flexible and configurable so you can define rules for your unique environment. Menu configuration and user defined fields provide for a system that is tailored to your organization's needs.

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Kevin Manley, Metro West Ambulance

Kevin Manley describes his experience using TripSpark's NEMT software Novus Med and how it has made his life much easier. "Having real-time updates, it means a lot to everyone. Because it’s less phone calls that we have to do, and that’s more time that we are having to focus on the clients." Watch to learn more! 


Mike Hall, Hope Network

Mike understands the importance of investing in transportation technology. As he says, "That's the big hangup with technology in the first place. 'Awesome, it looks great. How much does it cost? I can't afford it'. If you can get past the investment in technology and look at the value it can provide, you can find that the efficiency gains will more than pay for the upfront costs."


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