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Here's your Spring 2020 quarterly round-up of transit-related news from yours truly at TripSpark.

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TripSpark Covid-19 Update


We want to assure you that during this unusual time, the health and welfare of our employees, our customers and our communities remain our number one priority. Please visit our blog for the latest information on this evolving situation

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Where's My Bus?


We've enhanced our algorithms to be on average, 30% more accurate – making it even easier for riders to find out "where's my bus?" using our MyRide passenger information app. Learn about the evolution of prediction algorithms, machine learning and the importance of real-time information in the transit world.

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TripSpark's Streets Software


Watch our snazzy animated overview video to see what TripSpark's Fixed Route software is all about. Some key highlights you'll learn about: comprehensive operations management and real-time passenger information.

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TripSpark's Streets Campus Technology


See all the valuable features TripSpark's Streets Campus Technology has to offer in this cool animated video. An effective way to move students across campus, Streets Campus, provides real-time information across the board.

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Big Data Has Big Payoffs for Blacksburg


Long-time TripSpark partner Blacksburg Transit (BT) won the American Public Transportation Association's 2019 Outstanding Transit System award for North America, in the small urban system category. Tim Witten, ITS and Special Projects Manager for BT talks about how Big Data has helped improve customer experience, planning and service.

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Streets Software Suite Ecosystem


Take a look at this informative Streets Software Ecosystem diagram, with an in-depth look at how TripSpark's technology ecosystem fits into your operations through illuminating visuals.


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