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Using TripSpark's NEMT Software for Contact Tracing


Contact tracing plays a major role in keeping your members and drivers safe. Protecting everyone is priority for NEMT providers, especially during this unprecedented pandemic. Learn how TripSpark's NovusMED software can help support contact tracing.

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A Critical Notification System


TripSpark's Notifications system is now more important than ever – providing an inbound and outbound system to increase passenger communication and autonomy, while also reducing operational costs and delivering critical announcements. We've created a web page where you can learn more about the system, calculate your own ROI, and even try the system out.

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Telehealth – How Is It Impacting NEMT Providers?


What is Telehealth? How and why has it impacted the NEMT Industry? Our resident NEMT expert, Kris Lyon takes a closer look at the implications of telehealth, and what NEMT service could look like after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Meet the Team – Jennifer Crow


Introducing Jennifer Crow, Application Support Team Lead for TripSpark Medical. Let's get to know more about her, her thoughts on the challenges and opportunities facing providers, and what she thinks the NEMT landscape will look like post-COVID-19.

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Your NEMT Software Needs Routine Check-ups Too


Routine software check-ups will help you discover issues and inefficiencies and nip them in the bud. Learn about the importance of regularly reviewing, updating, and reconfiguring your software, and what TripSpark's Software Check-Ups entail.


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