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Introducing TripSpark's New Microtransit App – Ride on Demand!


We are thrilled to announce our exciting new microtransit app – Rides on Demand. Our new app for iOS and Android will allow your agency to offer flexible service that falls in between fixed route transportation and more individual transportation options. Integrating seamlessly with our existing demand-response platforms, it will help agencies cope with the myriad of challenges facing them as transit evolves, especially during this unprecedented pandemic

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Lethbridge Transit Uses On-Demand Booking to Weather COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has created ripples across the world, causing TripSpark’s partner, Lethbridge Transit to reconsider its service. Learn how switching to a microtransit service model allowed them to keep riders safe and ensure only essential trips were being made.

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The Future of Public Transportation


At TripSpark, we are always innovating so that we can provide you with cutting-edge software and revolutionary technology. We are excited to share with you this awesome new video about the future of transportation, loaded with valuable knowledge from industry expert, Paul Comfort. Paul has a wealth of expertise and he shares his outlook on where transit is heading.

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A Critical Notification System


TripSpark's Notifications system is now more important than ever – providing an inbound and outbound system to increase client communication and autonomy, while also reducing operational costs and delivering critical announcements. We've created a web page where you can learn more about the system, calculate your own ROI, and even try the system out.

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What is Microtransit?


What is Microtransit, exactly? As it's growing in popularity, you may have heard this term more frequently. In one of latest blog posts, we take a closer look at microtransit, its benefits, and its importance.

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Meet the Team – Tanya Brusse


We had the opportunity to chat with Tanya Brusse, Product Manager for Transit at TripSpark Technologies, for a short interview. Let's get to know her and get her insight on challenges facing transit agencies, and how TripSpark's software has helped them during the pandemic.

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A Look at Transit and Mobility, Post-Pandemic


During this time of uncertainty, many of us are wondering what transit will look like after the COVID-19 crisis. Check out this article, outlining some of the ways agencies can leverage real-time data to address their riders' concerns.


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