2020 Q3 Newsletter Medical

Your Quarterly Medical Updates
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COVID-19 Creativity and the New Normal for NEMT


Like many industries around the world, the NEMT realm has seen significant changes in the wake of COVID-19. Kris Lyon, TripSpark's resident NEMT expert takes a deep dive into the new normal for NEMT providers, brokers and MCO's and how the changing landscape of transportation has fostered creativity with how service is delivered.

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CMS Rescinds Controversial Medicaid Fiscal Accountability Rules


CMS has announced the decision to overturn the controversial Medical Fiscal Accountability Rule. This action has alleviated some of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding continued Medicaid funding across the US and will enable you to invest in technology and devise your future plans, with a higher level of confidence.

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Credentials Are Crucial


While credentials are important in many industries, they are essential in the NEMT world for accurate reimbursements and to ensure you only assign trips to qualified drivers and vehicles. Check out our blog post where we explore the importance of credential management software and some of its valuable features.

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Meet the Team – Andrew Rivas


Introducing Andrew Rivas, Client Services Manager for TripSpark Medical. Andrew has more than 20 years of experience in transportation and has a thirst for learning. Let’s get to know more about him, what motivates him and his thoughts on the landscape of health transportation software.

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Easily Manage Complaints & Praise


Have you heard of TripSpark's Complaints/Commendations? Part of our NovusMED suite, this module helps your organization track and respond to customer feedback (good or bad). Integrating with the feedback feature of our passenger management portal, comments are organized, and the system calls your attention to items that require follow-up.

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Insight Into Our Pricing


We want to give you some insight into what goes into our pricing and cost structure. This blog post explains what makes us unique, how we derive our pricing, what happens post-deployment, and how we collaborate with you for the long-haul to grow a strong partnership.


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