2020 Q3 Newsletter Transit

Your Quarterly Transit Updates
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TripSpark's Transit Tips & Tricks for COVID-19


With nearly every industry on the planet in a state of uncertainty, our team of experts has compiled some valuable tips to help you navigate this worldwide pandemic. Read the blog for some techniques to manage your operations and ridership using our fixed route software, Streets.

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Manage Deviated Routes with Friendly Fixed Route


Did you know about TripSpark's deviated fixed route management solution? You can use Friendly Fixed Route with our demand response software to create and manage deviated routes, without having to implement a full fixed route system. But we won't give away all its benefits right here.

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Protect Your Riders & Staff With Contact Tracing


Contact tracing must be at the center of any pandemic plan. The future of COVID-19 and its repercussions are unknown, and this can be extremely unsettling to your ridership and staff. Learn how you can leverage TripSpark's demand response software to facilitate contact tracing.

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Meet the Team – Pat Dewis


We sat down with Pat Dewis, Senior Manager of Product Development for Transit at TripSpark Technologies, for a short interview and got his insight on how he thinks microtransit will change the landscape of transit as we know it, and challenges facing agencies he'd love to help fix.

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Insight Into Our Pricing


We want to give you some insight into what goes into our pricing and cost structure. This blog post explains what makes us unique, how we derive our pricing, what happens post-deployment, and how we collaborate with you for the long-haul to grow a strong partnership.

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Deciphering the Difference Between Ridesharing & Ridehailing


Our team is here to debunk the myth that we hear all the time, that ridesharing and ridehailing are the same. Read our blog post to learn about the key differences between to two, and to learn about TripSpark's ridesharing software, RidePro.


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