School Bus GPS and In-vehicle Technology Provide You Deeper Insight

The domination of mobile devices has increased the expectation that GPS tracking is readily available. Parents and school staff have come to expect the power of GPS to be able to monitor real time vehicle and student locations. As well, this data can be invaluable when making long-range plans and improving efficiency. TripSpark's School GPS system is a browser-based, web-enabled solution that can provide insight into whether or not your drivers are adhering to optimized routes and schedules. Full integration with operations management, planning and scheduling systems provides not only fast answers to pressing questions, but the ability to compare real time and historical data to make more informed safety, efficiency and service improvements.

Increased Safety with GPS and AVL

With a real time view of your buses on their routes, you can respond quickly to enquiries about student, bus and driver locations. Gain immediate insight into on-time performance and if drivers are adhering to your specifically created schedule. AVL provides you the ability to:

  • Track GPS location in real time
  • Track speed and direction
  • Compare actual routes with planned routes
  • Respond confidently to calls from parents and staff

AVL with Sensor Input

Have a better view of on-the-bus operations as they occur. With access to an accurate amount of key recorded events, you have the data required to analyze incidents (either to students, drivers or with the vehicle itself). With additional sensors you can enhance your GPS data to record:

  • Emergency events
  • Ignition on/off
  • Stop arm activation

AVL with Student Tracking

Take student tracking to the next level by integrating an RFID card reader system. Each student gets scanned as they get on and off the bus so you can track exactly where and when each event takes place. This data reveals the actions and locations of each student in real time. Some benefits include:

  • Integration with digital maps for exact location
  • Information accessible from any location
  • Respond immediately to tracking requests
  • Long-term monitoring of behavior

Provide Drivers More Tools

An in-vehicle Mobile Data Computer with GPS tracking functionality helps drivers to manage their work schedules despite changes to routes and added trips. As well, you can track driver performance and ensure that safety requirements are being met.

  • Easily submit time and attendance reports
  • System enables pre and post checklists for safety compliance
  • Drivers can log in wherever and whenever they start their shift
  • Automatically and safely communicate turn-by-turn directions; and VOIP-enabled capabilities

Let’s Get Connected.