TripSpark VEO Transportation software has been specifically designed to address the complexities of the modern school transportation environment. It features a thin-client solution that provides you flexible, proactive routing so you can respond to the changing needs of both your regular and special needs transport. At the heart of our school bus routing and scheduling software is the unique multi-term, fully integrated, calendar-based functionality.

Scheduling and Routing

Build optimal schedules and routes to eliminate inefficiency. Create safe routes based upon your district’s unique conventions and then be assured that safe routes and stops are actually followed. Real time data allows you to respond to emergencies faster and provides fast answers to pressing questions.

  • Set optimal routes to reduce expenses
  • Adjust stop locations based upon concerns for safety and city hazards
  • Verify schedule adherence
  • In-vehicle maps show only your routes, not a Google map

Calendar-based Functionality

Scheduling on a calendar has major advantages for your operation. Screens are clear, allowing you to easily navigate through your student information and your scheduling data. With it, you will be able to:

  • Easily manage complicated custody arrangements
  • Create one-time change to a student’s schedule (without altering regular schedule)
  • Maintain past, current and future transportation data in one database
  • Perform “what if” scenarios without making data copies

Provide More Information

By having access to GPS data, your operators can accurately respond to calls from parents or staff regarding the status of buses and students on the road. Provide even more information on your website to relieve call takers.

  • Track bus and student location
  • Provide stop and route information to parents
  • Access historical data for incident reports
  • Student eligibility verification

Asset Management for School Transportation

Have comprehensive vehicle information at your fingertips. Database can store a complete work order history as well as insurance claim information. In a single dashboard, you can monitor the progress of vehicle maintenance as well as determine accurate vehicle availability.

  • Automatic alerts notify you of important deadlines
  • Scanned image storage for documents
  • Flexible reporting options

Driver and Operation Management

Total visibility over your entire business operation, its personnel and your equipment. The power to completely manage driver schedules (absences, vacations, substitutions, etc.) Automatically connect to payroll for quick pay slip generation based on accurate trip data.

  • Faster bidding process
  • Optimize assignments while respecting union and organization rules
  • Integrate with scheduling, payroll, HR systems, maintenance

Secure and Remote Operational Access

You can have real time insight into your entire operation from any web-based browser window (Internet Exploere, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari. Information is available to all key stakeholders, including parents. Utilizing thin-client technology, TripSpark’s K-12 transportation software:

  • Allows for rapid deployment and low-cost maintenance
  • Reduces upfront implementation costs and promotes lower total cost of ownership
  • Provides business continuity in the event of emergencies
In-vehicle Technology Encourages Safety

In-vehicle Technology Encourages Safety

The on-board MDC displays your unique routing and scheduling map (not a generic Google map) to ensure that safe and optimized routes are followed. Drivers have secure login, eliminating paper manifests and ensuring fewer errors occur. Some of the other features that allow drivers to focus on safety:

  • Audio turn-by-turn directions
  • Two-way messaging
  • Wireless route updates sent to vehicles
VEO Transportation

VEO Transportation

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