Student Transportation Software Boosts Efficiency at Red Clay

Student Transportation Software Boosts Efficiency at Red Clay

We recently produced our first ever K-12 education customer video, featuring Kelly Shahan, Transportation Manager at Red Clay Consolidated School District. See Kelly explain how TripSpark’s VEO Now student transportation software has enabled Red Clay to improve operational efficiencies and provide better customer service. Watch the video here:


I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the filming, and met with Kelly and some of her staff and drivers at her office in Wilmington, Delaware. I had a great time meeting everyone and poking around Kelly’s office, with all the neat trinkets collected throughout her years at the district. I could tell that everyone I met at Red Clay was on the same page and invested in providing local students and families with the best possible service.

Kelly informed me of the transportation challenges her district was dealing with. She explained that her district, like many in North America, was facing a driver shortage, so they were seeking a way to maintain their service without hiring more drivers. After implementing student transportation software, Kelly could easily see places where routing could be improved. “So what the tool allowed us to do was shrink our number of buses by doing better routing,” Kelly said.

In addition, the data collected by the software has allowed Red Clay to improve their customer service. Now, when parents call the district asking where their child’s bus is, Kelly and the Red Clay team can share the bus’s real-time location and confidently tell parents when it is expected to arrive at their stop. Kelly feels that VEO Now student transportation software has changed how the district is perceived by their stakeholders. They are seen as a more professional organization because they now have real data, and as Kelly says, “you can’t refute data”.

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