TripSpark’s fixed route and paratransit solutions allow agencies to achieve a variety of operational goals. Improved scheduling and real-time dispatching allow agencies to maximize efficiencies and provide riders with better service.

In-vehicle MDTs provide dispatch with reliable AVL information and improve communication between drivers and dispatch. Powerful reporting tools support NTD funding requirements and offer valuable operational insights. Passenger information systems provide riders with real-time arrival updates and other important information, so that they can better plan their day.

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Increase Ridership & Passenger Satisfaction

Make informed scheduling and routing decisions that maximize capacity so that you can serve more riders. Make transit a more desirable transportation option with better on-time performance, more convenient routes, and advanced passenger information systems.

Report with Confidence

Track important ridership and AVL data including boardings and alightings, on-time performance and much more with dependable in-vehicle devices. Use reliable data support NTD requirements and provide insights into your operations that help you improve service while reducing costs.

Enable Real-Time Dispatching

Two-way electronic communication allows drivers and dispatchers to safely and effectively share timely information. Drivers receive updates to their schedules in real-time, and when a driver performs a task such as a pick-up, dispatch can see that information immediately.

Scheduling and Dispatching Software

Fixed Route: Create routes and schedules and roster drivers with ease using ITS fixed route software. Track vehicles, monitor on-time performance and take proactive measures to ensure continuity of service, and use historical AVL data to improve operations without increasing resources.

Paratransit: Create optimal schedules with automated scheduling software. Track real-time vehicle locations and trip status. Push updated manifests to drivers via their in-vehicle device.

In-Vehicle Hardware

Fixed Route: Capture accurate AVL data and maintain communication with drivers using Rangers, TripSpark’s ruggedized transit-grade MDTs. Expand the value of your on-board solution by adding integrated Automated Passenger Counters (APCs), Automated Audio and Visual Announcements (AVA) and Automated Fare Collection (AFC) offered by TripSpark.

Paratransit: Capture accurate AVL data and maintain communication with drivers using DriverMate, TripSpark’s paratransit driver app for Android devices or opt for a more ruggedized Ranger, TripSpark’s transit-grade MDT.

Passenger Information Systems

Fixed Route: Share real-time vehicle information, detour information, and route and agency news with riders using the MyRide passenger information system and wayside signs Allow riders to easily plan trips and set up bus convenient upcoming bus alerts.

Paratransit: Share real-time arrival information and provide trip reminders to riders with Notifications. Allow riders the convenience of booking their own trips online and allow them to track the location of their ride with Passenger Portal.

About TripSpark

Longevity & Dependability

TripSpark comes from a family of companies with an impressive history throughout North America and globally, with decades of experience in transportation.

Single Vendor Solution

For many of our long-term customers, a single-vendor solution for both their hardware and software means better support, dependable product integration, and top-of-the-line reliability.

Expert Customer Care

Our support representatives come from the industry and have years of industry experience. They are very knowledgable, and not your typical “front-line” support.

Ongoing Support

Responsive and effective customer support is critical for your operations. Our Customer Care team is available 24/7 by phone, email or online through our Customer Care portal.


TripSpark offers comprehensive operational and industry resources. Our customers can access online training resources, including monthly training courses on new features and functions, user guides and collaborative discussion forums.


Our trainers employ a “train the trainer” methodology to empower your staff to confidently train others. Implementation always includes a thorough needs assessment, and rigorous testing and piloting process in preparation of your go-live date.

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“Lethbridge Transit wanted to improve the relationship between their dispatchers and their riders, so they went with the CAD AVL system. Check out their story and see how it streamlined their operation.”