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We've got lots of new material for you to sink your teeth into this quarter: new explainer videos for NEMT and paratransit, a new paratransit customer case study exploring Notifications and Passenger Portal and a new product – MyRide Infotainment! Read on to learn more!

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New Product Videos for Paratransit and NEMT Software Suites


Watch our all-new explainer videos to see what our Paratransit and NEMT software is all about. These slick animated videos will take you through core features and our exciting add-on modules.

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MyRide Infotainment Officially Launches


We're excited to announce the official launch of our new digital signage solution and extension of the MyRide passenger information system, MyRide Infotainment. Infotainment will take your passenger information to the next level by engaging and informing your riders throughout their journey with real-time information and multimedia content. To learn more about digital signage best practices, innovative advertising strategies for small and mid-sized agencies and what an infotainment system could do for your agency, check out our article on Metro Magazine.

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How GoBus Increased Trips Per Hour with Passenger Portal & Notifications


Our latest customer success story features paratransit agency GoBus. We sat down with Mandy Penney, Passenger Portal super user, to discuss how being about to book her own trips online has improved her independence and transit experience. On the agency side, GoBus has seen a 6% increase in passengers per vehicle hour and a 17% increase in trips year-over-year since they began using NovusDR and Notifications. See how they did it.

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Say Open Wide and Say "Ahhh!" How Healthy is Your NEMT Technology?


As organizations mature, we start to see the signs: cluttered drop-down menus, lagging system performance, and frustrated staff. Maintaining your software at peak performance can be achieved several ways: by getting a health check or database clean up from TripSpark, or by employing networking and staffing best practices. We walk you through all the nitty gritty details in our latest NEMT Today article.

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How to Encourage Member Adoption of Ridehailing Services


Ridesharing is gaining popularity as an NEMT alternative or supplement, with TripSpark offering the Lyft Integration module for NovusMED. But factors like accessibility, access to mobile technology, local transportation and community attitudes could impact service adoption. We walk you through a checklist of 7 criteria to help evaluate if ridesharing is right for your members.

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Tech Strategies for Riders with Mental Health Issues


Mental health is a hot topic these days – with increasing awareness about the need to make public life more accessible. Looking at the results of a new survey, we explore 5 ways that TripSpark software, hardware and signage can be used to help reduce anxiety and panic attacks for riders with mental health considerations.

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RidePro Portal Customization Makes for Seamless Branding


Just because your organization uses a third-party ridesharing portal, doesn't mean you have to lose all your agency's branding and personality. In this blog post, we look at how The Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency worked with TripSpark to take their rebranding to the max, creating a seamless experience when users transitioned between their homepage and the RidePro customer service portal.