Do more than survive. Thrive.

The key to growth is a partnership that helps you maintain your company’s philosophy, while building your business. If your company is at a make-or-break moment, we can be there.

How We Acquire

Pure and simply we want to help you build your business. If this means we need to challenge perceptions and conventions, then we’re up for it. In the end, we work with you to develop the long-term strategy you both require and desire.

Who We Acquire

Our philosophy is simple: we only partner with the best People Transportation Companies in the marketplace. We all thrive in an environment where innovation and creativity are foregrounded. A partnership should mutually benefit from your creativity and our extensive set of resources.

What Do You Want For Your Business?

Industry Experience

Improve your peer support. After decades of experience, TripSpark has the ability to leverage its long-term relationships to enable your company to thrive. By connecting with our community of industry experts, you can take advantage of a vast network of resources.

Stay in Charge

It’s your company and your philosophy. Becoming partners will only enhance your operation and increase the freedom you need to maintain the quality of your products. We can each learn from our experience, which in the end, enhances both.

Stability and Growth

Your company needs to grow and we want to help. By maintaining your already successful model for managing clients, we encourage continuity for your staff, sales and development teams. Your clients will only notice the improvement to your service.

Increase Market Reach

Because of our connection to global markets, your company has the capacity to grow beyond the local and take on the world. More clients and markets are made possible when you partner with TripSpark. Let us share our contacts with you.

Find Your Home

If you’re retiring or moving on to other ventures, you want to be assured that your company finds a perfect fit for its continuation. We can ensure that you are satisfied with both the future plans for your company and your own personal goals.

Industry Leader

You need to expand the limits of what your company can do. By having access to new revenue streams and capital investment, you can achieve the dream of building your company both meaningfully as well as credibly in order to lead the industry.

Get to Know Some of Our Partners

Mentor Engineering

As an industry leader in transit solutions, Mentor Engineering specialized in ruggedized in-vehicle hardware as well as demand response and fixed route software solutions.

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GreenRide rideshare management software is a dynamic web-based ridesharing solution. The business had grown to serve over 50 organizations in 23 states and internationally.

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As the years have proven, the succession plan initiated by Ecotran has produced the desired results of continuity, both financially in terms of capital investment, as well as personally.

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Helpful Resources

How to Choose A Buyer for Your Software Business

The right buyer for your business will be the one whose goals are aligned with your own. Whether that is to maximize your sale price, or to keep your business intact, each type of acquirer has their own value proposition.

How Being Data-Driven Can Impact Your Sales Funnel

We believe that learning as well as sharing best practices is key to our collective success at TripSpark. One of the ways we encourage our companies to learn and share is through benchmark metrics.

TripSpark’s Parent Named Top Acquirer

Constellation Software Inc. was named the top volume acquirer of software companies for 2019 (TripSpark Technologies’ parent company, Volaris Group, is a subsidiary of Constellation).

Now that you’ve heard our story, we want to hear yours.