The Ultimate Mobility-on-Demand App for Riders

The Ultimate Mobility-on-Demand App for Riders

Note: The Rides on Demand image of the fixed route addition above is subject to change.

Backed by industry-leading demand response software TripSpark Novus and Trapeze PASS, the Rides on Demand (RoD) mobility-on-demand app enables your agency to provide riders with flexible and efficient microtransit and paratransit services, including co-mingling and eligibility-based trips.

We are constantly working with our agency partners to build solutions that meet the real-life needs of riders. Recent updates to RoD have given the app a fresher user interface, made the app easier to navigate, and offer new capabilities such as:

  • Eligibility status information
  • Reservation for mobility aids
  • “Will Call” option when riders are ready for pickup
  • Larger map preview on the home screen
  • An accessibility-friendly bottom navigation bar
  • Consolidated view of current, future, and past rides
  • And much more!

TripSpark’s vision is to elevate Rides on Demand from an on-demand transit app to a single rider solution that allows your riders to plan, schedule, pay, and take intermodal trips.

The first step is adding fixed route schedules to RoD by the end of 2024. Highlights of how riders can use the app with the fixed route addition include:

  • Plan a trip across town on transit without switching between apps.
  • See schedules for both on-demand and fixed route.
  • Know where your bus is in real-time.
  • See only the services you want to use for a given trip.
  • Favorite trips for easy repeat bookings.

Rides on Demand offers robust configuration options, allowing you to tailor the solution to your agency’s unique services and programs. With paratransit, fixed route, and microtransit services in one powerful passenger information app, just imagine the end-to-end multimodal journeys your riders will enjoy!

Ready to hop on board with Rides on Demand? Contact TripSpark and let’s have a conversation about our passenger app for equitable, accessible, and inclusive transit.