Microtransit (Including First-Mile / Last-Mile)

Rides on Demand, an iOS and Android app for TripSpark’s demand-response software platform, allows your agency to offer riders a transportation service that sits in between fixed route transit and more individual transportation options. It provides a new way to book travel, taking advantage of the industry’s most widely used scheduling engine. Improve your agency’s ability to maximize resources, increase efficiency and flexibility, and provide your customers a convenient way to book on-demand rides.

Design your service to meet your unique needs

Your agency can opt to have dedicated transit-on-demand or support mixed service, where paratransit and conventional riders travel together in the same vehicles. This allows you to maximize resources and reduce road congestion in your communities.

  • Alternative to fixed route service on low performing routes or during off peak hours
  • Offer service in low-density areas or areas inaccessible by conventional transit and where public transit is currently unavailable
  • Plus, other scenarios that will help you realize your mobility on demand goals

Getting started is easy (for you and your riders)

  • Introducing the Rides on Demand app that works seamlessly with our existing demand-response software – there is no need for your employees to learn or support a new platform
  • Riders can self-register or log in with Facebook or Google
  • Agencies can customize the app to reflect their branding and share service information with riders

Streamlined ride booking and travel

  • Users can book rides by selecting a stop close to them on the map or by searching for a specific stop, address or point of interest
  • Users can book rides for themselves and others as well as additional space for wheelchairs or bicycles, for example
  • Pick up and drop off riders at common locations and stops, reducing travel time and increasing passengers per vehicle hour
  • Option for riders to call in to the agency to book rides on their behalf

Reliable Real-Time Information and Directions

  • Users can be notified via SMS when their ride is approaching and can view the vehicle on a live map throughout their journey
  • Convenient walking directions are provided to pick-up location and final destination

Rides on Demand Animated Overview Video

Rides on Demand (Microtransit)

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