TripSpark represents a single-vendor solution for many of our 500+ customers across North America. Our extensive suites for fixed route, campus, paratransit/demand response, rideshare, microtransit and community NEMT ensure seamless integration, the highest quality support, and ongoing innovation from the greatest minds in transit technology.

Each of our products is tailored to the needs of rural, suburban, and mid-sized urban agencies. Our solution suites benefit from an established history and adaptive technological improvements based on real-world customer feedback and a proactive philosophy.

Discover what TripSpark’s solutions can do for you.

Fixed Route

TripSpark’s fixed route software Streets incorporates everything your operation needs under one umbrella. We provide a single-source, single-vendor, best-in-class Intelligent Transportation Solution (ITS), which means that each piece of technology works seamlessly together. With a full-featured scheduling, dispatching and routing system, in-vehicle Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs), and customizable rider-facing portals, Streets makes life easier for your administrators, office staff, drivers, and riders alike.

Paratransit / Demand Response

Paratransit and ADA agencies need to be able to offer dependable and increasingly personalized service to eligibility-based riders and report on every aspect of their operations. They need to streamline office work, means of communication and trip booking, data collection techniques, and scheduling procedures. TripSpark’s software Novus employs an industry-leading algorithm developed over two decades. It’s a robust yet simple-to-use solution with an extensive suite of customizations to suit your unique needs.


Whether you manage ridesharing for one office or an entire region, TripSpark’s ridesharing management software, RidePro, is an easy-to-use web-based solution that manages and delivers ridesharing and alternative commuting programs. It makes it easy to effectively match thousands of travelers with rides, keeping information up to date and generating required reports on a daily basis so you can focus on improving mobility, sustainability, and affordable transit in your community.


Rides on Demand is the only microtransit and first/last mile app built for inclusivity from the start as an extension of our time-tested demand response scheduling and routing software suite, Novus. Built on Novus and our sister platform PASS, Rides on Demand provides convenience and flexibility of choice to your entire community, including eligibility-based riders. It’s already improving service to low-density areas, connecting riders to mass transit, and improving route efficiency.

In-Vehicle Technology

The digital transformation of public transit extends to the transit driver’s cab with hardware and software solutions that improve vehicle operations and driver performance. TripSpark’s range of secure and dependable hardware technology works with our fixed-route software to help drivers complete trips efficiently and on time.