Fixed Route Software for Public Transit Success

TripSpark’s fixed route software incorporates a full-featured scheduling and routing system and transit grade in-vehicle MDTs for real-time dispatching and a reliable CAD/AVL system. Agencies can also take advantage of MyRide, an advanced passenger information and communication system that gives transit riders all the information they need. TripSpark’s powerful public transit software suite benefits fixed route administrators, office staff, drivers, and riders. We provide a single-source, single-vendor, best-in-class Intelligent Transportation Solution (ITS), which means that every piece of technology works seamlessly together, now and long into the future as your agency grows.

Monitor Buses and Take Action in Real-Time

Mitigate bottlenecks and keep people moving. Using CAD/AVL software, monitor driver actions and gain insight into vehicle locations, operational safety, on-time performance, and passenger load. Use this information to take proactive actions like adding a new vehicle to a schedule.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Using on-time performance and ridership reports, make changes that improve efficiency without sacrificing service. See where to make adjustments to stops, routes and service to ensure that you deliver the right service when and where it is needed.

Make Transit a Convenient and Attractive Choice

Improve rider satisfaction by giving riders convenient ways to access all the agency, route, and stop information they need. Share real-time information for regular and detoured routes and maintain ADA compliance with accessible real-time passenger information applications, SMS, IVR, wayside signs, and onboard automated announcements.

Depend on Reliable Transit-Grade Hardware

Ranger, a transit-grade MDT, offers drivers advanced turn alerts and can report as frequently as once per second, allowing for true real-time AVL and accurate reporting. Integrated automated voice and visual announcements reliably announce next stop information without requiring any driver intervention, allowing drivers to focus on the road.

Reduce the Impact of Service Interruptions

Give drivers and riders access to detoured route information, including real-time vehicle locations and temporary stops. With Service Interruptions Management, agencies can create detours without modifying the regular service schedule, and communicate temporary stop information to drivers and riders.

Moving Together

Moving Together with TripSpark means individualized solutions and access to exceptional support services. From Implementation to Customer Care, we have the right people and processes in place to support public transit operations.

Ready to Learn More?

Fixed Route Scheduling

Create optimized routes and generate trips and schedules quickly and with minimal training.

Fixed Route CAD/AVL

Real time data collection allows all stakeholders to make fast and informed decisions.

Passenger Information

Making it remarkably convenient for riders to access real time schedules on any device.

Rides on Demand – Microtransit

A microtransit solution that allows agencies to offer flexible service that sits in between fixed route transit and more individualized transportation options.

In-Vehicle Technology

Provide a single point of logon for drivers and integrates all data with office software.

Service Interruptions Management (Detours)

Create, track, schedule, and communicate detours with ease and efficiency.

Infotainment Digital Signage

Digital Signage for Public Transit with real-time information, advertising, and more.

Custom Reports

With little expertise, create dynamic reports. Then share them in popular formats.

Hosted Solutions

Host your own data or let us do the work. Our hosted solution allows you to avoid costs associated with setting up and maintaining a server.

Texas A&M University

“We have gone from running about 4.5 million passenger trips up to nearly 8 million passenger trips, without overhauling the size of our fleet.” Randy Davidson Senior IT, TAMU Transportation Services

Abby Slovack, Lethbridge Transit

Lethbridge Transit wanted to improve the relationship between their dispatchers and their riders, so they went with the CAD AVL system. Check out their story and see how it streamlined their operation.

Candace Eudaley, Dubuque

By analyzing transit data and optimizing routes and schedules, Dubuque Transit managed to drop $100,000 from their annual budget. As well, they were able to reduce bus trip times by roughly 50%. Watch the video to see why Candace Eudaley, Transit Manager at The Jule, believes in the power of fixed route software solutions.