Notifications Improve Rider Engagement

Discover the standalone solution for communicating with your riders. TripSpark’s Notification System is specifically designed around the service needs and budgetary requirements of paratransit agencies. This cloud-based solution automatically notifies passengers about trips so they can cancel or confirm those trips quickly. As well, call or text-in features provide users access to their own schedules. Notifications is fast to implement, easy to configure, reduces confusion and improves customer service: all while requiring fewer resources.

How it Works For Your Riders

When a rider books a trip, a notification is automatically triggered. Riders get more personalized attention by receiving a notification days and moments before a trip. Without talking to an operator, they can send/receive updates and easily cancel or confirm.

  • SMS, text messages
  • Email messages
  • Traditional voice calls

How it Works for Your Staff

Dispatchers can know immediately if a trip has been canceled and pass updates to drivers before resources are wasted. Automated notifications are easy to configure (even mass notifications) so you needn’t worry about having to manually call riders one at a time. Attractive system features:

  • Customizable messages
  • Accommodates unique pronunciation
  • Supports multiple languages

How it Works for Your Business

Traditional IVR systems can cost a great deal in terms of set-up and maintenance. Our cloud-based solution requires no installation of new telephone lines or a client-side server (when hosting with us). Software updates are seamless and cloud hosting reduces IT involvement considerably.

  • An affordable and low-stress solution
  • Cost-efficient installation timeline (less than a week)
  • Fast learning curve reduces ongoing staff training costs

IVR Automated Trip Booking

TripSpark’s IVR automated booking system allows passengers to conveniently book their own trips, freeing up customer service agents’ time.

Why IVR?

  1. It’s simple to use.
  2. Accessible.
  3. Secure.
  4. Easy to deploy.

TripSpark Notifications a Success for Paratransit Customers

By reducing the frequency of no shows, late cancelations, canceled at the door events, driver wait times, etc., you can remove resource-wasting inefficiencies throughout your operation. Having updates reduces the confusion that can destabilize your schedule.

Abby Slovack, Lethbridge Transit

Abby Slovack from Lethbridge Transit explains how TripSpark Notifications benefits their paratransit riders. Watch to learn more!