Run More Efficiently with Paratransit Scheduling and Dispatching Software (Demand Response)

Our paratransit scheduling and dispatching software has a friendly user interface, and yet it fully supports the complicated workflow and scheduling issues unique to paratransit. It allows you to offer on-time guarantees with more predictable service to clients on their way to all-important appointments. An integrated client database ensures that you can track fare and funding sources, book trips quickly, while delivering a higher quality of service. Reduce data entry errors and be able to improvise schedules in real time. In the end, automation makes your operation more reliable, which ensures all clients receive the best in customer care.

Automated Scheduling and Dispatch

Using the Real Time Dashboard to locate and monitor demand response vehicles on the road, dispatchers can review and refine schedules in order to rectify issues as they develop. The software can regularly re-optimize the daily schedule to keep efficiency high. Updates are pushed to drivers and everything runs smoothly. Key benefits include:

  • Batch scheduling with a touch of a button
  • Optimal routes for increased vehicle revenue mileage
  • Drag-and-drop alterations to schedules
  • Drivers receive pushed notifications of changes to their routes

Trip Booking and Rider Management

Single or group trip booking happens in seconds rather than minutes. Client information can automatically populate relevant fields, which prevents incorrect trips from being booked. A wide range of security options to ensure your data is safe. Reservationists can view:

  • Previous and pending trips
  • Travel preferences
  • Trip type, passenger type, eligibility requirements
  • Track funding sources

Accurate Reporting Comes From Accurate Data

Easily manage the mountain of available data to drill down to exactly the report you need. Reports can be customized to focus entirely on the historical data you wish. Then export them in a variety of recognizable formats (Excel, PDF). Build reports on:

  • NTD standard reporting
  • A client’s entire trip history
  • Number of trips to specific medical procedures
  • Mileage and time built out of GPS data

Enterprise System Integration

TripSpark’s paratransit scheduling and dispatching software solutions are entirely scalable. The growth of an agency is not only supported, it is encouraged. Talk to us if you are planning to outsource trips to 3rd party providers and taxi services. Our system can manage all necessary information from:

  • Eligibility
  • Funding sources
  • Level of service
  • Compliance with ADA and other regulation

Paratransit & Demand Response Software

TripSpark’s paratransit and demand response software is designed to help you manage the unique needs of your transportation organization.

Our intelligent and flexible algorithm helps you create the perfect balance between customer service and productivity levels that’s right for your operation.

  • Ensure pinpoint accuracy of scheduling solutions with flexible mapping
  • Properly utilize mixed fleet vehicle capacities
  • Set driver speeds based on area familiarity
  • Update daily schedule based on AVL data