How can you improve passenger experience?

It’s easy – with TripSpark’s MyRide Infotainment digital signage solution, your agency can strengthen communication with your riders, saves riders time, simplify their journeys, and makes commuting more informative and entertaining. This is done through streaming real-time passenger information from TripSpark’s fixed route software, Streets – combined with news, weather, advertising, social media, and much more.

Keep passengers in the loop no matter where they are

With MyRide Infotainment, riders can see real-time arrival estimates for multiple upcoming stops, station amenities, service announcements, delays and more. MyRide Infotainment is all about helping riders make informed travel choices that save them time and make their journeys easier.

Help passengers easily plan their trips

Passengers can easily plan their trips and see how to get to their destination using kiosk displays

What your passengers want, when they want it

Play content that appeals most to your passengers, from news, agency alerts, trivia, weather, and more.

Maintain everything from one central location

All displays are accessible from the content management platform and can be grouped, tracked, and managed from there.

No more putting up posters on buses

Display content digitally and share upcoming service changes, safety messages, and other agency information, making stale content a thing of the past.

Let your system pay for itself through advertising

Because MyRide Infotainment can display advertising or public service announcements, agencies can earn a non-farebox revenue source. Advertisers can target the appropriate audience, as content can be triggered by geographic area, external conditions, time of day, or on predetermined schedule.

Serve bus stops that would otherwise not be reached

Off grid and solar displays are used at bus stops that are not connected to the power grid.

A fit for any space

With a wide range of display types and sizes, you’ll be able to find a display that will work with your space. Our displays range from in-vehicle to floor standing kiosks and wall or ceiling mounted displays. The displays can be used at terminals, bus stops, or shelters. Off grid displays can be used at those hard to get to stops that are not connected to the power grid.

Content management that meets your agency’s needs

Signage systems often fail because organizations mistakenly think that purchasing and deploying their system is the first and last step. The truth is that this only requires one tenth of the effort needed – maintaining the signage platform and creating impactful content requires the other 90%. Let TripSpark help.

  • TripSpark offers tailored support packages, partnering with Message Point Media to provide assistance with content creation and digital signage system configuration and maintenance
  • Agencies can choose to manage their own system, get ongoing support or outsource everything, depending on their resources

TripSpark’s Passenger Information Ecosystem

MyRide Infotainment Brochure

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