Paratransit In-Vehicle Overview

Having constant contact between dispatchers and drivers is the best way to maintain a smooth-running schedule. Dispatchers need immediate notification of a no show to manage a schedule in real time. Drivers benefit from less radio chatter, but more information about traffic problems, last second cancelations and pertinent booking information such as a passenger’s space type and how much fare to collect. They need to be able to capture signatures and collect data digitally. TripSpark’s paratransit in-vehicle technology integrates with back office software in order to enable all these functions and to make everyone’s job a great deal easier.

In-Vehicle App (Provider Mobile) for Paratransit

Monitoring vehicles, connecting with drivers and accessing real-time trip data is key to running an efficient demand response operation. TripSpark’s in-vehicle tablet and smartphone app is a digital manifest and communication tool all rolled into one. In real time, you can track mileage and also provide a pre-post driver check-list. Gather data or eligibility, fares, digital signatures, client information and a lot more. Communication is safe. Drivers can even get turn by turn directions. Added or cancelled trips update automatically, allowing for same day bookings.With all this data problems can be prevented before they affect your schedule. Through TripSpark’s software, providers and brokers can share information instantly, making the billing and reimbursement process faster and more dependable for both. Safer and more efficient service, all through TripSpark’s user-friendly in-vehicle app designed for demand response / paratransit.

Paratransit In-vehicle Technology Provides a Range of Benefits

TripSpark’s unique Ruggedized Ranger Mobile Data Computer and the tablet/smartphone enabled, Android app allows information to be synchronized with your office software. Little set up is required and from the easy-to-read screen, drivers can view:

  • Manifest menu (showing events and “need to know” info)
  • Pre and post-trip checklist (must complete)
  • Rider’s personal info
  • Turn-by-turn directions to a location (Google Maps integration, w/Streetview and traffic)
  • Drivers see same screen as dispatchers
  • Text messages from dispatch

Fewer Data Entry Errors and Real Time Updates

Drivers input trip status information, which is then automatically synchronized with back office software. The simple touch screen with pre-designed menu selections makes capturing data (as well as signatures) far more reliable. An optional VOIP functionality can allow the driver to call dispatch or the passenger. All connected stakeholders can see real time updates about:

  • Arrived
  • No show
  • Declined
  • Added rider

Drivermate: Connecting Drivers to Dispatch on a Tablet

TripSpark’s mobile application, the DriverMate Android Application is the essential paratransit in-vehicle technology necessary to complement your total solution. Discover how affordable it can be when compared to the overall functionality it provides. See it in action for yourself by checking out a demo.

  • Ability to be used on consumer brand hardware
  • Provides same functionality as Ranger
  • Easy to install and quick learning curve
  • An affordable solution

The Ruggedized Ranger Solution

If your agency needs something more robust than a tablet, Ranger rugged consoles are another option. They provide agencies with flexibility, connect with peripherals such as ticket printers with ease. As well, Rangers integrate seamlessly with back office software for an end-to-end solution to coordinate your agency’s entire transportation offering.

  • Built to withstand harsh transit environment
  • Far more durable and reliable than tablets
  • Lower cost of ownership in the long run

Tablet or Rugged?

Both tablets and rugged consoles integrate with your existing paratransit/demand response routing software and enable real-time management of your fleet. To help you decide what’s right for your agency, we have put together this ultimate overview in this infographic.