What's Important To You?

Fostering a Safe Environment for students and faculty

Decreasing Congestion Around Campus

Reducing the Demand for Campus Parking

Campus Transportation Software

Fostering a sense of safety for students and faculty is paramount in providing transportation services in and around your campus. You can count on our technology to assist in the planning, delivering and managing your transportation services in the most cost effective and passenger focused manner.

Automated Scheduling. Routing and Dispatch

Operate more efficiently and effectively with powerful scheduling, routing and dispatching software.

Simple Booking

Book subscription or casual trip with full access to passenger data.

Accurate Passenger Details

Use and track detailed passenger information including multiple addresses, special needs, trip history and more

Integrated Mapping

View and define service areas including time points and stops and view multiple routes on one map.

Visibility into Vehicles

Integrated vehicle location technology (AVL) provides real-time updates on your vehicles so you know where your vehicles are and if they are on-time.

Real-time Communications

Let passengers know exactly when the next bus will arrive, whether they are waiting at a stop, surfing the web or using their cell phone. Send real-time updates to passengers via text message or email.

Real-Time Passenger Information

University and college riders are tech savvy customers that expect quick accurate answers to questions such as how to get to their destination in the fewest stops, where the closest stop is located or when the next bus will arrive. By offering real-time information riders can access accurate information anywhere, anytime using the technologies they use most: web, phone or wireless devices.

Enable riders to access up-to-the-minute information with:

  • Real time updates
  • Web based solutions
  • Automated telephone solutions
  • Call centers
  • Regional traveller information

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Real-Time Passenger Information
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