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New Technology Brings in New Commuters | Atlanta Regional Commission

"RidePro is a great one-stop shop mechanism. It allows for ease of reporting, figuring out what areas need development or not and it also allows us to provide the commuter an array of tools."

Aisah Gayle
Senior Program Specialist, Atlanta Regional Commission

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Cannot Imagine Being Without Technology | CARTA

"I’m so happy with it. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Not even for free."

Lisa Suttles
Mobility Manager for CARTA

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How Paratransit and Fixed Route Come Together | Lethbridge Transit

"ITA has helped improve ridership by 11%."

Abby Slovack
Transit Planner, Lethbridge Transit

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Reducing Costs Through Technology | The Jule, Dubuque

"We cut trip times by 50% for most trips. We saw upwards of 20% increases of ridership per month."

Candace Eudaley
Transit Manager for The Jule, Dubuque

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What Do Transit Riders Want

Agencies have many options for where they can invest funding. However, some of these investments are more likely than others to have a positive impact on ridership.

So, what do riders want? To help answer this question, we can look to Who’s on Board 2016, a research report...

Highlights from TripSpark’s First Annual Ignite User Summit

It’s been two weeks since we returned from our first ever User Summit. It’s back to reality for all of us, which means we’ve got to get our own drinks instead of having acrobats and donkeys serve us. And unlike the resort, you may not have swimming pools, golf courses and...

How does Company Culture Impact Innovation

Technology companies that excel in creating an excellent workplace culture for their employees are also the best equipped to make ground-breaking innovations in technology. A company’s innovative capacity depends not only on their ability to attract the best talent, but to...

Fixed Route Software and DOT’s National Transit Map

The U.S. DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has released the first ever National Transit Map. While many transit agencies have local data about their own routes, this publicly available resource now provides a single source for transit services data across the U.S....

How Passenger Information Systems are Improving Augusta Transit’s Service

We can now announce an update to this recent article about Augusta Transit. They have fully approved the purchase of passenger information systems that will allow riders to monitor their bus schedules and locations in real time. As Transit Director Patrick Stephens says, “This...

Hope Network Proves the ROI of Paratransit Software

Is the cost of paratransit software worth what it can provide? I often write about the general benefits of an automated, digital system. However, in this blog post, I get to share a detailed, firsthand account of exactly how a transportation provider is finding ways to cut costs,...

5 Good Reasons to Visit Booth #412

Because this year’s CTAA is going to be Portland Oregon, we thought we would take a special approach. We’re excited to be turning our booth into a fully-functioning specialty barista shop. So don your best hipster beard and come visit booth 412 (beards are optional). We...

5 Quick Tips for Your Transit Grant Application

In our recent webinar with Dana Schuler Drummond from Sharpshooter Communications, we learned how important it is to have a plan in place. When you’re creating the process for securing transit funding, it’s important that you have a work back schedule in order to keep tasks...

The Secret to Transit Funding Grant Applications

The good news is that transit funding is about to take a huge leap forward. Impending funding opportunities, however, mean that agencies need to activate quickly to begin preparing their proposals. When going through the process, many agencies find it to be a fatiguing and...

Fixed Route Software And Social Media Data

According to this TCRP report, 91% of the 35 transit agencies they surveyed are currently using Twitter as a means of communicating with their riders. The main goals for using social media appear to be improved communication with riders in order to improve both customer...

Preventing No Shows with Paratransit Software

How much do you lose every time a no show occurs? As this report shows, it’s quite a lot – owing to the fact that a paratransit trip is “from 7 to 10 times more expensive per trip provided (over a fixed route trip). The destabilizing effect of no shows affects everyone. Not...

3 Reasons You Need a Mobile Web App

In my recent trip to visit with Lethbridge Transit, Alberta, I attended an information fair at a local college with some people from Lethbridge Transit where they were answering students’ questions and promoting the new MyRide mobile app. Many of these students were away from...

How ‘Rides to Wellness’ Views the Future of Care

In this article put out by the US DOT, they claim that “about 3.6 million Americans miss or delay medical appointments every year because they lack a ride to the doctor.” This supports the ongoing research that reveals that transportation issues and geographic distance are...

Boehner Resignation May be Good News for Transit Funding

Good news may be on the horizon. This article suggests that we may be seeing an early resolution to the ongoing stalls for National transit funding. As speaker John Boehner prepares for his final months as Speaker, it’s suggested that the transit bill may benefit from his...

Get Set to Attend Our 2016 TripSpark Ignite Summit

After the success of this year’s Regional Training Sessions, we decided to go all the way next year. We’re announcing the 2016 TripSpark Ignite Summit, which is open to all our clients using and interested in their community transportation software solutions. At the moment,...

What You Need to Know About Passenger Information Systems

The first thing you need to know about Passenger Information Systems is that your agency needs them. Possibly now, but definitely in the future. There will simply be no escape from the onslaught of mobile technology and the expectation of real time information delivery. Whether...

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