How to Implement Fixed Route Software

How to Implement Fixed Route Software

Making a transition towards a fixed route software solution doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, the implementation process actually begins with research and analysis long before a vendor is approached. It’s important that you assemble your team to discuss the benefits of fixed route software. Where are your areas of inefficiency? What are the key concerns of your staff? Because change can be daunting and leave much to the imagination, do as much learning as possible before you even approach your staff with an implementation plan.

Fixed Route Software Helps Staff – Not Replace Them

A common misconception about automation is that jobs are at risk. You should inform your staff that the primary function of software solutions is to improve the efficiency of work assignments. It is meant to alleviate the stress of confusion and scheduling headaches. In other words, it’s a good thing. While some industries show that automation can put certain jobs at risk, the goal of digital services in the transportation industry is to speed up delivery of the same quality service offered pre-implementation. Staff will be able to work faster, make better decisions, feel less frustrated and be able to devote more time to customer support.

Demand Complete Security through Training

Your software vendor should be able to guarantee that a software specialist will be available to assist and train your staff to ensure full competency on the new system. However, because much of the software interfaces are friendly and uncomplicated, training on certain aspects of data entry, monitoring routes and schedules, pushing messages to drivers and assembling information for riders who call in, should be a simple matter.

That being said, it’s important to develop a strong relationship and partnership with your vendor so that you can be sure that continued training is guaranteed. This will ensure that your staff stays current on new developments in software and hardware technologies.

Implementing the Software – 7 Step Plan

We have assembled a simple infographic that outlines the steps towards implementing an ITS solution. While it may be only a short overview, it can help to establish a logical time line for your employees to consider. Feel free to download it and add it to your presentation when it comes time to sell ITS internally. For a more detailed version check out this guide. It gives a deeper definition of each of the steps outlined in the infographic.

Consider us your partner in implementing fixed route software solutions. We can help guide the process from the early stages onwards through to a long-term, scalable solution. Be sure to contact us with any questions about our software products and to learn more about how an ITS solution can totally revolutionize the way your agency operates.